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December 2009 - Vol. XV no. 12

Book Reviews:

a) R. Franzen, Ruth Rouse among students.
b) H. Arning, Die Macht des Heils und das Unheil der Macht, ed. T. Brechenmacher, Das Reichskonkordat 1933
c) I. Linden, Global Catholicism
d) E. Harder, A Kroeger, Russian Mennonites come to Canada


November 2009 - Vol. XV no. 11

1) Conference Report: German Studies Association, 2009

2) Book reviews

a) Ruotsila, Christian anti-internationalism
b) Vos, Pryfogle, George, Faith in the World. Mark Gibbs and Vesper Society
c) P. Raina ed., Bishop George Bell
d) Jekeli. German Intellectuals in Romania under Communism
e) Leichsenring, Die katholische Kirche und “ihre Juden”

3) Book notes: Lazarus, In the shadow of Vichy. The Finaly Affair


October 2009 - Vol. XV no. 10

1) Book reviews:

a) Garrrard and Garrard, Russian Orthodoxy Resurgent
b) Desbois, The Holocaust in Ukraine
c) ed. Smith and Rittner, No Going Back. Letters to Pope Benedict XVI

2) Article: Steinfeldt, Seder at the Parish


September 2009 - Vol. XV no. 9

1) Book reviews:

a) Sheehan, Where have all the soldiers gone?
b) Lichti, Pacifist denominations in Nazi Germany
c) Coupland, Britannia, Europa and Christendom

2) Book notes:

a) Churches in Europe and Africa
b) Steinacher, Nazis auf der Flucht

3) Journal issue: Ecumenical review: The Barmen Declaration


July-August 2009 - Vol. XV no. 7-8

1) Obituary: Horst Symanowski

2) Book reviews

a) Moses, A reluctant revolutionary: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
b) Nicosia, Zionism and Anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany

3) Barnett, Evaluation of the English edition of Bonhoeffer’s Collected Works


June 2009 - Vol. XV no. 6

In Memoriam: Professor Franklin Littell

1) Book reviews:

a) Davies and Conway, World Christianity in the 20th century
b) Fleming, The Vatican Pimpernel

2) Journal articles:

a) Ebel, The Great War, Religious Authority and the American Fighting Man
b) Hellwege, Missouri Synod’s attitudes towards Nazi Germany


May 2009 - Vol. XV no. 5

1) Obituary: Albrecht Schoenherr
2) Book reviews:

a) Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, Vol. 10
b) Söderblom, Letters
c) Spicer, Hitler’s Priests
d) Shea, A Cross Too Heavy


April 2009 - Vol. XV no. 4

1) Book reviews:

a) Gailus, Kirchliche Amtshilfe
b) Vromen, Hidden children of the Holocaust in Belgium
c) Heschel, The Aryan Jesus
d) Wickeri, Reconstructing China – K.H.Ting
e) Clark, Allies for Armageddon

2) Journal issue, Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte Contemoporary Church History, 2008, no. 2



March 2009 - Vol. XV no. 3

1) Book reviews:

a) Nostra Aetate. Origins, Promulgation, Impact
b) R. Michael, Catholic Antisemitism
c) D. Kurzman, A Special Mission: Hitler’s plot to seize the Vatican and kidnap Pope Pius XII
d) G. Noel, Pius XII. The Hound of Hitler

2) Journal Article: Coppa, The Vatican’s Silence during the Holocaust

3) Editorial: Holocaust Heretic Disciplined



February 2009 - Vol. XV no. 2

1. Book reviews:

a) Chandler, Piety and Provocation. A study of George Bell
b) Tödt, Authentic Faith. Bonhoeffer’s Theological Ethics
c) Howard, Protestant theology and German universities

2) W. Doino on Valkyrie.



January 2009 - Vol. XV no. 1

1) Book review:

a) Gallacher, Hurley and Pius XII
b) Henry, We know only men. Rescuing Jews in France
c) Akinsha and Koslov, The Holy Place – Moscow’s Cathedral

2) Comment on Religion and Politics in Post-Communist Romania
3) Dissertation abstract – P. Latvala, Mission to the Soviet Union
4) Correction: Prof N. Stoltzfus, The Rosenstrasse protests.

List of books reviewed in Vol. XIV - 2008.



December 2008 - Vol. XIV, no. 12

Book reviews

1a) Dietrich Bonhoeffer London 1933-1935
1b) “Ihr Ende schaut an .. “ Evangelische Märtyrer des 20. Jahrhunderts
1c) North European Churches/ European Integration



November 2008 - Vol. XIV, no. 11

1) Book reviews:

a) ed. M. Gailus, Elisabeth Schmitz
b) H. Brinkmann, God's Ambassador. The Bruderhof in Nazi Germany
c) R. Wentorf, Paul Schneider
d) G. Kammerer, Aktion Sühnezeichen. Friedensdienst

2) Memorial Tribute to Bishop Bell by Bishop Huber of Berlin

3) Book notes,

a) Blues Music and the Gospel Proclamation
b) Religion and Politics in Post-Communist Romania

4) Journal issue: Religion, State and Society



October 2008 - Vol. XIV, no. 10

1) Book reviews

a) Daughrity, Bishop Stephen Neill
b) Webb, P., World-Wide-Webb
c) Silomon, German Evangelical Church 1969-91
d) Kunter, German Evangelical Church in the GDR 1980-93

2) Journal articles:

a) Daniel, a Russian monastic revival in the 1990s



September 2008 - Vol. XIV, no. 9

1) Book reviews:

a) Tavard, Vatican II and the Ecumenical Way
b) Berdahl, Where the world ended
c) eds. Wolf, Flammer and Schuler, Galen als Kirchenfurst

2) Conference Report: Bishop Bell Memorial Conference, Chichester, U.K.
3) Book note: Detlef Garbe, Between Resistance and Martyrdom. Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Third Reich.
4) Dissertation Abstract: B. Pearson, German Protestant Kirchentag 1949-69
5) Journal Issue: Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte/Contemporary Church History




July/August 2008 - Vol. XIV, no. 7-8

1) Conference Announcement: Regent College History Conference, Vancouver: July 25-26, 2008

2) Book reviews:

a) ed Damberg and Liedhegener, Katholiken in den USA und Deutschland
b) Ringshausen, Widerstand und christlicher Glaube
c) Shuff, Searching for the true church
d) Hughes, Conscience and Conflict. Methodism, peace and war in the twentieth century



June 2008 - Vol. XIV, no. 6

1) Bishop Krister Stendhal

2) Book reviews

a) Kyle Jantzen, Faith and Fatherland: Parish Politics in Hitler's
(Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2008).

b) Lowell C. Green, Lutherans Against Hitler: The Untold Story (Saint
Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2007).



May 2008 - Vol. XIV, no. 5

1) DVD review: Theologians under Hitler, Storm Troopers of Christ
2) Book reviews

a) Dramm, Dietrich Bonhoeffer. an introduction to his thought
b) Dramm, Dietrich Bonoeffer: und der Widerstand
c) Anglicanism and Orthodoxy

3) Dissertation Research - Reconciliation efforts in post-1945 Germany



April 2008 - Vol. XIV, no. 4

1) Book reviews:

a) R.Boyd, The Witness of the Student Christian Movement
b) Austin, China’s Millions: The China Inland Mission and Late Qing Society, 1832­1905
c) Zumholz, Volksfrömmigkeit und katholische Milieu

2) Journal article: J. Steele, Germany’s search for home truths



March 2008 - Vol. XIV, no. 3

1) Journal issues:

a) Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Vol. 21, no. 3, Winter 2007
b) Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte, Vol. 20, no. 1, 2007.

2) Book review, Paldiel, Churches and the Holocaust



February 2008 - Vol. XIV, no. 2

1) Book reviews:

a) Burleigh, Sacred Causes
b) Dembowski, Christians in the Warsaw Ghetto
c) Zurek, The Churches and German-Polish Reconciliation

2) Journal article. Baran, Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia

3) Conference report: Sandford, Christian Science in East Germany

4) Book note: Gerhard Besier Festschrift

5) 10th International Bonhoeffer Congress, Prague, July 2008



January 2008 - Vol. XIV, no. 1

1) Obituaries:

a) Rev. Edwin Robertson;
b) Professor Gordon Zahn

2) Book reviews -

a) Ed. Spicer, Antisemitism, Christian ambivalence and the Holocaust
b) Plokhy/Sysyn, Religion and Nationalism in modern Ukraine

3) Conference report - American religious responses to the Kristallnacht

List of books reviewed in Vol. XIII - 2007



December 2007 - Vol. XIII, no. 12

1) Franz Jägerstätter -
2) Book review, Mitzscherlich, History of the Diocese of Meissen, Saxony.



November 2007 - Vol. XIII, No. 11

1) Book reviews:

a) John Allen, Rabble-Rouser for Peace: Desmond Tutu

b) Andrew Chandler, The Church of Engand Commissioners

2) Journal article: H. J. Buss, An Evangelical Martyr: K. F. Stillbrink



October 2007 - Vol. XIII, no. 10

1) Book reviews:

a) Coupland, British Churches and European Integration

b) Schidtmann, German Catholic Students post-1945

c) Snape, God and the British Soldier



September 2007 - Vol. XIII, no. 9

1) Book review: J. Peart-Binns, Biography of Bishop Richard Harries

2) Journal Articles:

a) Studies in Christian-Jewish relations, Boston College issue on Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
b) Daniel, The Children of Perestroika

3) Obituaries: Wolf-Dieter Zimmermann, Raul Hilberg, Cardinal Lustiger

4) Conference Report: Elisabeth Schmitz (1893-1977)



July/August 2007 - Vol. XIII, no. 7-8

1) Reactions to Dick Pierard's review of The Theocons

2) Book reviews:

a) K-J Hummel and C Kösters, Kirchen im Krieg
b) ed. Austin and Scott, Canadian Missionaries, Indigenous Peoples

3) Rolf Hochhuth Reassessed

a) Feldkamp, Hochhuth Exposed
b) Ritzer, Alles nur Theater?

4) New publication

a) Representation of the Holocaust in Literature and Film
b) Mark Noll, What happened to Christian Canada?



June 2007 - Vol. XIII, no. 6

1) Book reviews

a) Linker, The Theocons: Secular America under siege
b) ed. M. Gailus and W. Krogel, German Protestants and Nationalism 1930-2000.

2) Journal articles:

a) Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte, Volume 19, no.2, 2006
b) Steigmann-Gall's response in the Journal of Contemporary History



May 2007 - Vol. XIII, no. 5

1) Book reviews:

a) Bishop George Bell. A portrait in letters
b) Protestants in East Germany
c) Munro, Hitler's Bavarian Antagonist
d) Theologie und Vergangenheitsbewältigung

2) Book chapter: Mensing, A Lutheran pastor's resistance
3) Archive Note: The Vatican archives
4) Journal article, Coppa, Papal biographies



April 2007 - Vol. XIII, no. 4

1) Book reviews :

a) James Parkes: "Recasting Christian-Jewish relations"
b) ed. T. Kushner and N.Valman, Philosemitism, Antisemitism and the Jews



March 2007 - Vol. XIII, no. 3

1) Book reviews

a) Krondorfer et al., German theologians' autobiographies.
b) Carter, Martyrdom in Melanesia

2) Archival information: The Meissen Library, Durham

3) Journal articles:

a) Gailus, An ardent Nazi's career - Pastor M Ziegler
b) Linday, Bonhoeffer, Yad Vashem and and the Church

4) Reader's response to R.Steigman-Gall's The Holy Reich




February 2007 - Vol. XIII, no. 2

1. Book reviews

a) Brechenmacher, The Vatican and the Jews
b) Lawson The Church of England and the Holocaust

2. Journal articles:

a) Was Nazism an ersatz political religion, or were Christianity and Nazism incompatible?
b) Moses, Bonhoeffer and War theology.
c) Rein, Orthodox Church in Byelorussia

3. Book notes:

a) Cambridge History of Christianity
b) Nottmeier, Adolf von Harnack



January 2007 - Vol. XIII, no. 1

1) Book Reviews

a) ed. Berkman, Contemplating Edith Stein
b) Heinecke, Konfession und Politiik in der DDR

2) Conference Report, German Studies Association, October 2006

3) Book notes:

a) Barth: Dolchstosslegenden
b) Berkhoff, Harvest of Despair
c) Als Jesus arisch wurde

List of books reviewed in Vol. XII - 2006



December 2006 - Vol. XII, no. 12

1) Appeal on behalf of threatened Centre for the Study of Christianity in the non-western world, Edinburgh, Scotland.

2) Book Reviews

a) Nurser, For all Peoples and all Nations. The ecumenical church and human rights
b) Sanchez, Pope Gabriel
c) Thomas, Communing with the enemy. Britain and the GDR

3) Journal articles

a) Noll, What happened to Christian Canada?
b) Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany.
c) Ziemann, Psychological counseling in West German Catholic Church



November 2006 - Vol. XII, no. 11

1) Correction

2) Book reviews:

a) Schleicher and Walle, Feldpostbriefen 1939-1945
b) Trippen, Josef Kardinal Frings Vol. II
c) Theriault, Conservative Revolutionaries
d) Kaufmann, Consuming Visions. Mass Culture and the Lourdes Shrine

3) Book notes: Vatican-Israel Accords



October 2006 - Vol. XII, no. 10

1) The Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism

2) Book reviews

a) Clements, Bonhoeffer and Britain
b) Roth, Ethics during and after the Holocaust



September 2006 - Vol. XII, no. 9

1) Conference Announcement: Bonhoeffer Symposium, Boston, Sept. 17-18th
2) Book reviews:

a) Rowan Wiliams, Archbishop of Canterbury, Why study the Past? The Quest for the Historical Church.
b) Haynes, The Bonhoeffer Legacy
c) Howes, Japan's modern prophet
d) ed. Bischof., Religion in Austria

3) Book notes: Higgins, Stalking the Holy

July-August 2006 - Vol. XII, no. 7-8

1. Extracts from the address given by Pope Benedict XVI at Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp, 28 May 2006

2. Book reviews:

a) Laqueur, The Changing Faces of Antisemitism
b) M.Boys ed., Seeing Judaism Anew

June 2006 - Vol. XII, no. 6

1) Book reviews:

a) Pringle The Master Plan
b) Albert, Maria Laach und der Nationalsozialismus

2) Book notes:

a) Rohm and Thierfelder, Juden-Christen-Deutsche 1941-45
b) Evangelische Kirchenhistoriker im Dritten Reich
c) ed. Kaiser, Zwangsarbeit in Diakonie und Kirche 1939-45
d) ed. Benz, Selbstbehauptung und Opposition. Kirche als Ort des Widerstandes gegen staatliche Diktatur

3) Journal articles

a) Perry, Nazifying Christmas
b) Kaminsky Zwischen Rassenhygiene und Biotechnologie


May 2006 - Vol. XII, no. 5

1) Book reviews:

a) Genocide in Rwanda
b) God and Caesar in China
c) O. Schutz. Begegnung von Kirche und Welt
d) Ward, Nationalprotestantische Mentalitaten

2) Journal articles:

a) Diplomats and Missionaries
b) The Rosenstrasse debate reconsidered

3) Book notes: Gray Notes. Ambiguities in the Holocaust.


April 2006 - Vol. XII, no. 4

1) Book reviews

a) Poewe, New Religions and the Nazis.
b) Garbe, Theologie zwischen den Weltkriegen
c) Pollard, Money and the Rise of the Modern Papacy
d) Cox, Imperial Fault Lines

2) Professor Gallo's response to the review of his book last month.


March 2006 - Vol. XII, no. 3

1) Book reviews:

a) Burkard, Häresie und Mythus
b) Inter Arma Caritas: Vatican service for prisoners-of-war, 1939-1947.
c) Gallo, Pius XII, the Holocaust and the Revisionists
d) Zeitgeschichtliche Katholizismusforschung

2) Journal articles:

a) Church and State in the Balkans


February 2006 - Vol. XII: Special Issue on Dietrich Bonhoeffer


February 2006 - Vol. XII, no. 2

1) Book reviews:

a) Roberts, Bonhoeffer and King; Böllmann, Bonhoeffer and Jochen Klepper
b) J. de Gruchy, Daring, Trusting Spirit: Bonhoeffer's friend Eberhard Bethge
c) P.Monteath, Australia's Lutheran Churches and Refugees from Hitler's Germany
d) Douglas J. Hall, Bound and Free. A theologian's journey

January 2006 - Vol. XII, no. 1

1) Book reviews

a) Good, The Steamer Parish
b) Hauschild, Konfliktgemeinschaft Kirche
c) Plokhy and Sysyn, Religion and Nation in the Ukraine

2) Journal articles
a) Brechenmacher, The Pope and the Persecution of the Jews in Germany
b) Salemink, Dutch bishops' protests 1942
c) Chapman, Secularisation and the Ministry of John Stott

December 2005 - Vol. XI, no. 12

1) Book reviews:

a) Besier, Der Heilige Stuhl und Hitler-Deutschland
b) Gruber, Journey Back to Eden

2) Reply to review of A.Leugers, Rosenstrasse 2-4

3) Book Notes

4) Journal Articles:

5) Research in progress: J.D.Wyneken, Post-1945 German churches

November 2005 - Vol. XI, no. 11

1) Book reviews

a) Gerdes, Okumenische Solidarität
b) Leugers ed. Berlin, Rosenstrasse 2-4
c) Tent, In the shadow of the Holocaust

2) Journal articles:

a) Crang, Compulsory church parades
b) Sykes, Popular religion in the Black Country

October 2005 - Vol. XI, no. 10

1) Obituary: Brother Roger of Taizé
2) Book reviews:

a) Ueberschaer, Junge Gemeinde im Konflikt
b) Steele, Christianity, the Other and the Holocaust

3) Work in progress:

a) C Probst, Protestant reception of Luther's anti-Jewish treatises in Nazi Germany
b) B. Pearson, Democracy and West German Protestantism.

4) Book note: ed. A.Cross, Ecumenism and History

5) Journal articles:

a) Berggren, President Carter
b) Balzer, Religion in Siberia

September 2005 - Vol. XI, no. 9

1) Book reviews:

a) Spicer, Resisting the Third Reich: Berlin clergy
b) ed..Bottum and Dalin, The Pius War
c) ed Bergen, The Sword of the Lord

2) Journal articles

a) Porter, Australian chaplains
b) Wolf, Pius XI and Nazi ideologies
c) Lee, Watchman Nee in China
d) Kirby, Freemasonry and the Church of England

July-August 2005 - Vol. XI, no. 7-8

"Missions to Israel: The rise and fall of Protestant missions to the Jews, 1800-2000," an essay by John S. Conway

June 2005 - Vol. XI, no. 6

1) Irving Greenberg, For the Sake of Heaven and Earth: The New Encounter
between Judaism and Christianity
(Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication
Society, 2004).

2) John C. Merkle (ed.), Faith Transformed: Christian Encounters with Jews
and Judaism
(Collegeville, MN: The Order of Saint Benedict, 2003).

May 2005 - Vol. XI, no. 5

1) Pope Bendict XVI Fr John Jay Hughes

2) Book review

a) ed D.Lewis, Christianity Reborn

3) Journal articles:

a) Lee, Watchman Nee
b) Grams. Sankt Raphaels Verein and Canada

April 2005 - Vol. XI, no. 4

1) Book reviews

a) Slane, Bonhoeffer as Martyr
b) Hauerwas, Performing the Faith
c) Haynes The Bonhoeffer Phenomenon

2) Journal articles:

a) Hernandez, Russian village bells
b) Sack, Frank Buchman and college religion

3) Conference announcement - April 15 -16th.

March 2005- Vol. XI, no. 3

1) Book Reviews

a) Ruff, Catholic Youth in post-war Germany
b) Tischner, Catholic Church in East Germany
c) Harold Tittmann, Jr., Inside the Vatican

2) Journal articles a) Sack, Frank Buchman's evangelism
3) Conference report: AHA, Seattle Jan. 2005

a) German Catholics and Spain
b) Pope Pius XII's defenders

February 2005 - Vol. XI, no. 2

1) Book reviews

a) M Hockenos, A Church Divided

2) Book chapters

a) Religion in China Today
b) Christianity in China
c) Contemporary Responses to the Holocaust

3) Journal articles

a) M.Greschat, Martin Niemöller's activities after 1945.
b) M.Höhle, 13 August 1961 and the churches
c) A.Chandler, Bishop Bell and the German Resistance

January 2005 - Vol. XI, no. 1

1) Book reviews:

a) Katharina Staritz: Dokumentation Vol. 1

b) D.Palm, Evangelische Kirchentage.

2) Book chapter: H.Lehmann, Religious Socialism, Peace and Pacifism.

3) The situation in the Ukraine, December 2004.

List of books reviewed in 2004

December 2004 - Vol. X, no. 12

1) Book Reviews: a) Krieg, Catholic Theologians in Nazi Germany
2) H-German debate: The Rosenstrasse film
3) Journal articles:

a) Lawson, The Anglican Understanding of Nazism
b) Ederer, Propaganda wars
c) articles in Religion,State and Society, June 2004

4) Conference report: Hastings, Munich Catholics in the 1920s
5) Book notes: Simon Phipps: A Portrait
6) Research in progress: Slater, John Nelson Darby

November 2004 - Vol. X, no. 11

1) Book reviews

a) Kohlbrugge, Mein unberechenbares Leben
b) B-Rubinstein, Reading Hochhuth's The Deputy
c) Linn, Escaping Auschwitz

2) Journal articles

a) Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte
b) Zucotti, Pius XII and rescue of Jews
c) Sun, Catholic workers in the Weimar Republic.

3) Kirchliche Tourismus: Montgomery, The Last Heathen in Melanesia


October 2004 - Vol. X, no. 10

1) German Studies Association Conference, Oct. 7-10th, Washington, D.C.
2) Conference Report: Imshausen, Hessen, July 2004
3) Book reviews:

a) Gilbert, The Righteous; Benz, Uberleben im Dritten Reich
b) Weitensteiner, Catholic Parishes in Frankfurt

4) Journal articles.

a) O'Sullivan, Catholic Youth
b) Greschat, Protestant theologians on the wars
c) McDaniel and Pierard, Politics of appointments in Protestant Theological Faculties: E.Geldbach
d) Schneider, Oswald Spengler reception
e) Kracht, Fritz Fischer and German Protestantism
f) Ketola, Wartime Anglican visits to Scandinavia

September 2004 - Vol. X, no. 9

1) Book reviews:

a) Ostmeyer, Evangelische Kirche und Juden in der DDR
b) Holtschneider, German Protestants and the Holocaust
c) Ziefle, One Woman against the Reich

2) Kirchliche Tourismus: Hale: Himmler's Crusade

July-August 2004 - Vol. X, no. 7-8

Pius XII Revisited

1) J.Bottum, Essay: The End of the Pius Wars

2) Book reviews:

a) Peter Godman, Hitler and the Vatican, M.L.Napolitano, Il Papa che salvo gli ebrei

3) Forthcoming publications

June 2004 - Vol. X, no. 6

Book Reviews

1) Marc A. Krell, Intersecting Pathways: Modern Jewish
Theologians in Conversation with Christianity (Oxford: Oxford
University Press, 2003).
2) Carl E. Braaten and Robert W. Jensen, Jews and Christians:
People of God (Grand Rapids, MI: William B. Eerdmans Publishing, 2003).


1) Book reviews

a) Williams, Holy Spy
b) Hein, Churches in Saxony 1945-49
c) Fennell, The Russians on Athos
d) Nehring, Orientalismus und Mission

2) Journal articles

a) Morris, Death of Christian Britain
b) Welinski-Kiehl, Reformation History in the GDR
c) Kenez. Hungarian Communists and Catholics.

April 2004 - Vol. X, no. 4

1) Conference Report - Building religious communities
2) Present situation in the Czech republic
3) Book review: Roseman, Past in Hiding
4) Journal articles:

a) Stehle, Secret Vatican documents sold to Russia
b)Wacker, Pearl Buck and the waning of the missionary impulse
c) Wang, Protestant missions to Chinese immigrants in Canada, 1885-1923.
d) Buscher, The Catholic Church and refugees

March 2004 - Vol. X, no. 3

1) Film Review: Bonhoeffer

2)Book reviews

a) Zasloff, A Rescuer's Story
b) Klempa and Doran, Certain Women amazed us

3) Book notes:

a) ed. M. Raphael, Holocaust in literature and film
b) Boehm, Germans in Rumania

4) Journal Articles

a) Geschichte und Gesellschaft, October 2003
b) Davis, Russian Orthodox Church
c) Danielson, American pacifists
d) Gregor, Remembrance in Nuremberg, 1945-56
e) Protestantism in Russia

February 2004 - Vol. X, no. 2

1) Translators' Travails
2) Journal Update
3) Book review: Greschat, Evangelische Christenheit
4) Journal articles:

a) Rhonheimer, The Holocaust: what was not said.

January 2004 - Vol. X, no. 1

) Book reviews

a) M.F. Coady, biography of Fr. A.Delp
b) ed. G.Besier, Zwischen nationaler Revolution und militarischer Aggression
c) H.Schmidt, Hilde Schneider - biography

2) Journal articles:

a) Herderkorrespondenz 57 (2003) no 8: K-J. Hummel, Catholic research today - continued.
b) D.Goodhew, The rise of C.I.C.C.U.
c) A.Chandler, Quest for historical D.Bonhoeffer

December 2003 - Vol. IX, no. 12

1) Book reviews:

a) ed.D. Dietrich, Christian responses to the Holocaust
b) ed. K. Koschorke, Transcontinental Links

2) Journal articles:

a) Herder Korrespondenz, 57 (2003) no. 8, Hummel, Catholic research today (1st part)
b) Ben-Sasson, Warsaw Ghetto

List of books reviewed in 2003

November 2003 - Vol. IX, no. 11

1) International Bonhoeffer Congress

2) Christian Pacifism: a review article

October 2003 - Vol. IX, no. 10

1) Book reviews

a) H.Hesse ed, Persecution of Jehovah's Witnesses
b) ed Woolner, Kurial, FDR, the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church, 1933-1945
c) Gallo, For Love and Country: The Italian Resistance

2) Journal articles:

a) Moses, Australian Anglicans in the first world war
b ) Fletcher, Anglicanism and National Identity in Australia since 1962
c) Koch and Falcke, Coming to terms with German guilt

3) Book notes: Hermann Rauschning, ed. Hensel and Nordblom


September 2003 - Vol. IX, no. 9

1) Book reviews

a) Steigman-Gall, The Holy Reich
b) Kirby, Religion and the Cold War
c) Brouwer, Modern Women modernizing men
d) Denzler, Widerstand ist nicht das richtige Wort

2) Journal articles: Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte
3) Book notes: Davis, A long walk to church; Muller, C. de Foucauld

July-August 2003 - Vol. IX, no. 8

1) Book reviews:

a) Breward, History of the Churches in Australasia
S. and W.Emilsen, Mapping the Landscape
b) Rutherdale, Women and the White
Man's God
c) Feldkamp, Goldhagen's unwillige Kirche
d) V.Perica, Balkan Idols
2) Book notes: Hew Strachan, The First World War
3) Articles
a) McNutt, Adolf Schlatter and the Jews

July 2003- Vol. IX, no. 7

1) Book reviews:

a) C. Brown, The death of Christian Britain
b) Kreutzer, Das Reichskirchenministerium
c) Alvarez, Espionage in the Vatican

2) Book notes:

Joly, Xavier Vallat

Lepp and Nowak, Evangelische Kirche
Palm, Evangelische Kirchentag
Bergen, War and Genocide

3) Recent Articles
4) Research outline - Schoerner, The Myron Taylor Mission
5) New Religious Freedom News Service

June 2003 - Vol. IX, no. 6

1) Matthew Hockenos, "The German Protestant Church and its Mission to the Jews after the

May 2003 - Vol. IX, no. 5

1) Gerhard Besier, The German Churches 1933-2003, Part II
2) Forthcoming Catholic conference, Munich, May 22-23.
3) Book note: Weindel, Leben und Lernen hinter Stacheldraht


April 2003 - Vol. IX, no. 4

1) Seventy Years after "Machtergreifung". The German Churches' Political Stance 1933-2003 (Part I) by Gerhard Besier

March 2003- Vol. IX, no. 3

1) Conference Report, Protestant Mentalities. Gottingen, February 2003
2) New Vatican documents unearthed
3) Book reviews

a) Goldhagen A Moral reckoning
b) Wood, Bishop John Taylor

4) Articles
5) Book notes

February 2003- Vol. IX, no. 2

1) Archbishop Williams' Dimbleby Lecture
2) Conference Report: Lessons and Legacies, Minneapolis
3) Book reviews:

a) Griech-Polelle, Bishop von Galen
b) Voigt, Villa Emma

4) Articles
5) Short Notices

List of books reviewed in 2002.

January 2003- Vol. IX, no. 1

1) AHA Conference, Chicago, January 2 - 5, 2003
2) Work in progress - Mark Ruff
3) Book reviews:

a) McNally, The Lord's Distant Vineyard
b) Moltmann-Wendel, Autobiography

4) Journal Articles
5) Archives

List of books reviewed in 2002.

December 2002- Vol. VIII, no. 12

1) Report on KZG conference 2002
2) Report on GSA conference 2002
3) Karl Barth-Rezeption Since 1990
4) Book reviews:

a) Dentan, Impossible de se taire
b) Draper, Pastor Andre Trocmé

5) Book Review Symposium - J.G.Lawler, Popes and Politics

November 2002- Vol. VIII, no. 11

1)Modern martyrology.
2) In Memoriam: Prof. Kurt Nowak, Leipzig
3) Book reviews:

a) Genizi, Holocaust, Israel, and Canadian Protestant churches
b) Cresswell and Tow, Franz Hildebrandt

4) Review article by Prof. K.Repgen of M.Phayer, Catholic Church and the

October 2002- Vol. VIII, no. 10

1) Book reviews:

a) Hill, Lord Acton
b) Fell, Christianity in Iceland
c) Thorne, Congregational Missions and Imperialism
d) Putney, Muscular Christianity
e) Raum, Dietrich Bonhoeffer

2) American Lutherans and the Jews

September 2002- Vol. VIII, no. 9

1) German Studies Association meeting, Oct. 4-6th 2002
2) Gregory Baum, Essay on Jacques Maritain and the Vatican's stance on Judaism and the Jews
3) Book reviews:

a) Kent, The Lonely Cold War of Pius XII
b) Brechenmacher and Ostry, Paul VI - Rom und Jerusalem

4) Journal article: Pius XII and diplomacy


July-August 2002- Vol. VIII, no. 7-8

1) 2002 KZG colloquium, Tacoma, Washington, USA
2) A Continuing Debate: Christian-Jewish Relations Today Martin Rumscheidt and Victoria Barnett.
3) Book notes: In God's Name
4) Journal articles


June 2002- Vol. VIII, no. 6

1) Research Report: German Catholics and Forced labour in World War II
2) Book Reviews:

a) Feldman, Catholics and Jews in 20th century America
b) Lindsay, Covenanted Solidarity. Karl Barth and antisemitism

May 2002- Vol. VIII, no. 5

1) Conference Report, XXII Annual Conference on the Holocaust, Millersville University, Pennsylvania
2) Book reviews:

a) McInerny, Defamation of Pius XII
b) Lawler, Popes and Politics
c) Sanchez, Pius XII and the Holocaust

Aprl 2002- Vol. VIII, no. 4

1) Book reviews

a) T.Dudley-Smith, John Stott, Vol .2.
b) B.Christophers, Positioning the Missionary
c) E.Wolgast, Die Wahnehmung des Dritten Reiches

2) Book notes: Besier and Scheuch, Die neue Inquisitoren

3) Journal articles

March 2002- Vol. VIII, no. 3

1) Book reviews:

a) Religion and Public Life in Canada
b) W.Callahan, The Catholic Church in Spain 1875-1988
c) Donald Gray, Percy Dearmer

2) Book notes:

a) Christian Hanke, Die Deutschlandpolitik der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland von 1945 bis 1990.
b) Emma Klein, The Battle for Auschwitz. Catholic-Jewish relations under strain.

February 2002- Vol. VIII, no. 2

1) A Quotation from Martin Luther:

2) Book review: G. Besier, Die Kirchen und das Dritte Reich

3) Pius XII - revisited

4)Book notes: Historisches Jahrbuch 2001
Zeitgeschichte in Lebensbildern

5) Future conferences: a) Annual Scholarsí Conference on the
Holocaust and the Churches, March 2-5th 2002
b) 22nd Millersville Annual Holocaust Conference, April 14-15th, 2002

January 2002- Vol. VIII, no. 1

1) Book reviews: a) Wainwright, Lesslie Newbigin
b) Sundkler and Steed, A history of the Church in Africa

2) Bonhoeffer Symposium - Bonhoeffer and the Pomeranian aristocracy

3) Christian-Jewish Relations revisited

4) Journal articles a) Moses, Australian Anglican leaders and the Great War
b) Fletcher, Anglicanism and National Identity in Australia


December 2001- Vol. VII, no. 12


1) Book reviews: a) Dudley-Smith, John Stott
b) Kertzer, The Popes against the Jews
c) D.Eman, Things we couldn,t say
2) New contemporary church history project
3) New book publications:

Mark Lindsay, Karl Barth
S.Liebster, Facing the Lion
N.Railton, No North Sea
H.Marcuse, Legacies of Dachau


November 2001- Vol. VII, no. 11

1) Book reviews:

a) J.Dixon, Divine Feminine
b) W.Ustorf, Sailing on the next tide. Missions, missiology and the Third Reich

2) New journal articles
3) Short notices:

Remembering for the Future
Anderson, Practicing Democracy
Zugger, Catholics in Soviet Union
O.Bartov and P.Mack, In God,s Name
Liebster, Facing the Lion

October 2001 - Vol. VII, no. 10

1) Quotation of the month:
2) Book reviews:

a) Besier, German Church History 1934-39

b) Rauscher, Proposed Papal Encyclical 1939

3) Kirchliche Tourismus: V.Clark, Why angels fall.

September 2001 - Vol. VII, no. 9

An editorial: "How Not to Deal with History"

Supplement: A response by Karol Gajewski

July/August 2001 - Vol. VII, no. 7-8

1) Book reviews:

a) K.Clements, Faith on the frontier. A life of J.H.Oldham
b) J.Pollard, The Unknown Pope. Benedict XV
c) ed. K.Chadwick, Catholicism, Politics and Society in 20C France, R.Bedarida, Les Catholiques dans la guerre 1939-1945

June 2001- Vol. VII, no. 6

1) German Catholic Martyrs of the Twentieth Century
2) Book reviews:

a) Feldkamp, Pius XII und Deutschland
b) Allen, Cardinal Ratzinger

3) Declaration on Christian-Jewish Relations, Cardinal Ratzinger
4) Nuncio Roncalli's efforts on behalf of the Jews

May 2001- Vol. VII, no. 5


1) Editorial
2) Conference report - Annual Scholars' Conference on the Holocaust and the Churches
3) Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte Conference, September 2001
4) Book reviews:

Sampson and Lederach, Mennonites and peacemaking
Gerlach, The Confessing Church and the persecution of the Jews
Pangritz, Karl Barth in the Theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

5) New Journal articles, Hong Kong, Italy and Germany 

April 2001- Vol. VII, no. 4

1) On writing Church History
2) Book reviews:

a) ed.Schjorring, et al., History of the Lutheran World Federation

b) Zucotti, The Vatican and the Holocaust
c) ed. Denzler and Siegele-Wenschkewitz, Theologische Wissenschaft im Dritten Reich

3) An Easter Hymn

March 2001 - Volume VII, no. 3

1 News

a) Notice of session "Remembering Bonhoeffer and the Church Struggle", Scholars' Conference, Philadelphia, March 2001
Notice of Bonhoeffer Symposium, Boston, April 23rd, 2001
b) Bonhoeffer Session, American Academy of Religion, November 2000
c) review of Bonhoeffer - Agent of Grace".

2) PhD Abstract: Kyle Jantzen, Protestant clergymen and church-political conflict in National Socialist Germany
3) Journal articles:

February 2001 - Volume VII, no. 2

1) Book reviews:

a) Hubert Locke, Learning from History
b) Schaefer, Catholic Church in the GDR; Schmid, Dresden Churches

2) Book notes: Eikel, French Catholics in the Third Reich
3) Journal issues: Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte, 2000/1
4) New journal: Religion - Staat - Gesellschaft
5) Journal articles


January 2001 - Volume VII, no. 1

) Book reviews,

a) ed. G.Baum, The twentieth Century
b) J.Cornwell, Hitler's Pope

2) G.Baum, Catholics in the Weimar Republic

3) Journal articles: O.Heilbronner, Catholic Resistance

B.Stambolis, German Catholics
M. Greschat, Churches in the GDR
M.Elliott/S.Corrado, Religion in Russia

4) Website: Karl Barth archive


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