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Professor Helen Sterk teaching

Academics: Organizational Communication

Study organizational communication at Calvin

The major in Organizational Communication provides a firm liberal arts foundation for students interested in communication within, among, and by way of organizations, including both not-for-profit and for-profit. Through coursework primarily in Communication and Business, supplemented by cognates and choices from Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology, Economics, Computer Science, students will gain the following:

  • broad-based theoretical learning in communication and business.
  • understanding of organizational structures and functions.
  • understanding of diverse audiences and human motivation.
  • analytical and practical skills in persuasive communication.  
  • diverse communication skills, including media  production appropriate to client-based business uses, writing and speaking.
  • grounding in theories and practices of ethics in business contexts.
  • practical skills through required coursework in managerial accounting, media production appropriate to business contexts, and working with spreadsheets.

Students taking this program participate fully in the college’s core curriculum, receive guidance on appropriate core courses (through the cognates), and become well-prepared for a variety of callings, from volunteer work in churches and community organizations, to nonprofit organizations, to for-profit corporations. This major focuses directly on theories, skills and practices appropriate to today’s workplace.

Students will be able to complete this program within four years. This major leaves time for off-campus study, a minor, or selected electives, thereby enhancing students’ full opportunity to engage in Christian liberal arts education. 

Program requirements

A grade of at least a C in BUS 160 and in either CAS 141 or CAS 190 is required to be accepted into this major.

(34-35 semester hours)

CAS 141 or 190
CAS 240
One course from
  CAS 262 or ENG 262
BUS 160
BUS 203
BUS 360
Two courses from
  CAS 285, BUS 365, 380 or 382
One course from
  CAS 352, BUS 362, or PHIL 215
One course from
  CAS 211 or 305
One course from
   CAS 253, 260, 270 or SOC 250

(12 semester hours)
Economics 221
Economics 222
Mathematics 143
Information Systems 171
One from
   Information Systems 141, 151, or 153


For more information, contact Professor Kathi Groenendyk.

Christian perspective

Calvin's faculty are commited to making deep connections between the Christian faith and business communications.

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