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Media Project Proposal Form

Submit a proposal for a media project

Students enrolled in Calvin’s media production courses frequently work on projects which benefit the college’s external and internal constituencies. The faculty regularly evaluates the educational and service potential of project proposals, weighing factors such as client experience, budget, scope, technical requirements, and scheduling. Upon review, the media production staff may suggest a given project (1) fulfills assignment or course credit, (2) represents an opportunity for faculty scholarship, or (3) could be offered to a student amateur or professional contractor as work-for-hire.

A member of the media production faculty will generally contact you within thirty (30) days of receipt. That we may thoughtfully evaluate your request, please provide the following client and project information:

Contact Information
Project Summary

Please include a project summary, including a content synopsis, intended audience and distribution plans. Your space is limited to 1,000 characters.

Project Development

Please describe the project's current state of development, including script status, video shot, music composed, production funds raised and other relevant materials prepared. Your space is limited to 1,000 characters.

Project Details
Location distance from Calvin College (in miles):