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Calvin student learns how to use a television camera

Academics: Digital Media Production

Study media production at Calvin

A major in media production will prepare you to use some of culture's most powerful tools for a life of transformational service to society.

A 2009 graduate of the Media Production program, Rachel Kolb connects the dots between the many jobs for which Calvin has prepared her.

Program overview

As a media production major, you will:

  • acquire sequenced principles and skills
  • study media theory, history and criticism
  • collaborate in time-intensive group activities
  • enjoy mentoring relationships with professors
  • develop a graduate reel of media projects

Program requirements

Calvin students in advanced media productionTake the following sequences of courses:

Level 1

CAS 145: Introduction to Film (3)
CAS 190: Introduction to Video Production (4)
(see a sample syllabus for this course)

Level 2

CAS 248: Scriptwriting (3)
CAS 249: Audio Design and Aesthetics (3)
(see a sample syllabus for this course)
— Prerequisites for both courses: CAS 145, CAS 190

Two Courses selected from:
CAS 250: Multi-Camera Production (3) (see a sample syllabus for this course)
CAS 316: Principles of Directing (4)
— Prerequisite: CAS 218
CAS 290: Video Production II (3)

Level 3

Two Courses from:
CAS 346: Internship in Communication (4)
CAS 351: Advanced Media Production (3): Repeatable.
— Prerequisite: CAS 248, CAS 250, or 290, and permission of instructor
CAS 390: Independent Study (3-4)

Integration Requirement: CAS 352 or 399

Theory and Criticism

Three courses (with at least one from each category):

Media History:
CAS 230: History of North American Media (3)
CAS 255: Documentary Film and Television (4)
CAS 281: American Film (4)
CAS 282: World Cinema (4)

Media Theory and Criticism:
CAS 238: Theory and Communication (3)
CAS 254: Media Criticism (3)
CAS 284: Critical Approaches to Film (4)
CAS 305: Persuasion and Propaganda (3)


Student projects

Andy Allen on Hey Mom, I Can't Cook!

Check out episodes of Hey Mom! I Can't Cook! or sample other student-produced videos.

Faculty work

Watch videos produced by Calvin's Media Production professors.

Project proposal

Have a video project idea? Connect with students and faculty who may be able to help.