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Students watching a film in the Bytwerk Theater

Academics: Film and Media

Study film and media at Calvin

The major in Film and Media provides a firm liberal arts foundation for students interested in the intersections between faith, culture, and film and media. Coursework for this major provides both introductory and advanced study for students interested in communication, particularly as it functions in film, television, radio, Internet and New Media platforms (social networking), multiple forms of digital communication, advertising, and/or other media arts. This major also will serve students interested in graduate education in Communication Studies, Film Studies, or Media Studies. Through coursework primarily in history, theory, criticism, and practice of film and media arts, students will gain the following:

  • An understanding of how a life of faith can be applied to the study of film and media.
  • An introduction to the elements of media production.
  • An appreciation of the way film and media work as art forms within culture.
  • Extensive knowledge of film and media history.
  • Extensive knowledge of classical and contemporary film and media theory.
  • Skills to analyze and criticize film and media through oral and written presentation.
  • An understanding of the global context and practice of film and media.
  • Experience in developed, historical and critical research and writing in the areas of film and media.

Students majoring in Film and Media participate fully in the college’s core curriculum, receive guidance on appropriate core courses, and become well-prepared for a variety of callings in the areas of film studies, media studies, advertising and public relations, and other communication-based vocations. Students will be able to complete this program within four years. This major leaves time for off-campus study, a minor or selected electives, thereby enhancing students’ full opportunity to engage in Christian liberal arts education.

The major has two emphases: Film and Media, and Digital Filmmaking.

Program requirements

All film and media majors take the following courses:

Chose one emphasis:

Film and Media Emphasis:

Digital Filmmaking Emphasis:


Contact Mark Fackler, Carl Plantinga, William Romanowski, Quentin Schultze, Sam Smartt, or Chris Smit for more on film and media studies at Calvin.

Christian perspectives

The arts of film and media are a gift from God, an addition to our lives, a potential source of joy and insight.

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What can you do with a major in film and media studies?

Consider these careers:

  • print journalism
  • film production
  • television news
  • youth ministry


Check out CalvinLink for internships related to business communications, or contact Mark Fackler.

Explore off-campus programs in Chicago and Washington, D.C. for more internship opportunties.

Faculty work

Reforming Hollywood:
How American Protestants Fought for Freedom at the Movies
by William Romanowski

Eyes Wide Open by William Romanowski

Bringing the station wagon back to life
by Samuel Smartt

Station Wagon