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CALL Summer Program 2015

To register for CALL Summer Program 2015 print this page and fill in the information requested.
Mail this form with your check (payable to CALL)


VIEW THE CATALOG ONLINE (PDF)- Please come back April 16, 2015 to view.

CALL Summer Program
3201 Burton St SE
Grand Rapids MI 49546-4388

Summer Program 2015 Registration


 Registration form for CALL Summer Programs:
Please fill out and send to:  CALL Summer 2015, 3201 Burton St. SE
                                                                   Grand Rapids, MI  49546
Cost: $20/per course/per person, except Golf

Name: ________________________________________  Phone: ____________________________

Address: ______________________________________  E-mail: ____________________________

___1. What Bird is That?
___ 2. Golf ($40) Chr Reformed Rec Center

June 1-4
___3. Writing Creative Non-Fiction
___ 4. iPad 101
___ 5. Ireland and The Age of Queen Elizabeth
___6. The Wisdom of Plant-Based Foods
___7. Simplify and Organize your Life
___8. A Face that Cries for Shalom
___ 9. Walking in Sensible Shoes

June 8-11
___ 10. iPad 102
___ 11. A Christian Approach to Popular Culture
___ 12. I am Dying to Talk with You
___13. Religion, Politics, and ISIS

___ 14.Life's Lessons Through Children's Literature (Tue and Thurs both weeks)
___15. Yoga (Tue and Thurs both weeks)

Please make check out to CALL
Mail to:  CALL, 3201 Burton St. SE, Grand Rapids, MI  49546
Total amount enclosed:  $ __________________



E-mail us at or phone us at 616-526-8777.