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If you have questions regarding any of these events please contact
Shirley Lautenbach at 299-3584, Don Lautenbach at 901-2170, or

*Member Event refund policy* - Important cancellation information listed at the bottom of the page.


Saturday, May 30- Things We Couldn’t Say- Master Arts Theater- 11:00 am

May 14 is the 75th anniversary of the invasion of Rotterdam in WWII. Our program will commemorate the work of those involved in the Dutch Resistance. To give the background for the Master Arts play, we will see the documentary "Making Choices: The Dutch Resistance During World War II.” This documentary explores the lives of four Dutch citizens who took a stand to protect Jews and resist the overwhelming power of the Nazis during WWII. The four are Diet Eman, John Witte, John Muller and John Timmer. This inspiring documentary tells their stories of fear, courage, danger and faith as they put their lives on the line to do what they thought was right. This documentary provides wonderful background information and will help us understand the play, based on the true story of Diet Eman. The program and luncheon will be in the Calvin Commons Board Room, second floor. Persons will drive individually to the play at 1:00 for the play that begins at 2:00 pm.

Cost: $28- Documentary, lunch and play (30 person limit)-Open to CALL members and guests. Cost is $15 for just the documentary and lunch (no limit).
All World War 2 veterans will be honored with a free ticket to the play. Cost for World War II veterans for the documentary, lunch and the play will be $15.00.

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Thursday, June 4 The Best of Sandi Patti - Shipshewana - 9:30 am

Invite your friends and spend the day seeing the beautiful St. James chapel and listening to the inspiring music of Sandi Patti. Our day begins with a picnic lunch, a visit to the Howe Military School and a tour of the beautiful St. James Chapel. The chapel, built in 1902, was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2001. Upon entering the narthex, you pass under the bell tower, clock and chimes. Entering the Nave you observe a copy of the ceiling of the Chapel of All Souls and the Nave of Magdalene Chapel, both in Oxford, England. The woodwork was carved by carvers from Oberammergau, Germany.
Sandi Patti is the most awarded female vocalist in contemporary Christian music. She has won 39 Dove awards, five Grammy awards and is a Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductee. Sandi Patti will thrill us with her beautiful renditions and her inspirational testimony. She will perform in the small intimate theater at Blue Gate. Our day includes a picnic lunch, visiting the shops of Shipshewana, and a full course Amish dinner.
Cost: $89

Sandi Patty

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 Thursday, July 23 – Detroit Tigers vs. Seattle Mariners – 8:30 am

Join us for our popular annual trip to Comerica Park to cheer on the Detroit Tigers as they battle the Seattle Mariners. Coffee and rolls are provided on the way and snacks on the way home. The game is at 1:00 and you will receive a ticket for a free hot dog and a pop.
Cost: $85   (this trip is for CALL members, friends and grandchildren)


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Wednesday, September 30 and Monday, October 5- ArtPrize  9:00 am

Our 5th annual ArtPrize tour this year will be held on two separate days. You can pick the day that best fits your schedule - either Wednesday, September 30 or Monday, October 5. There is much excitement already for new entries in the world class event. Our day will begin at 9:00  am and conclude at approximately 4:00  pm.

Cost: $65- includes coffee break, lunch and transportation. Open only to CALL members.
Questions: Call Glenda or Carl Welmers-243-6431.



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If you have questions regarding any of these events please contact
Shirley Lautenbach at 299-3584 or Don Lautenbach at 901-2170. The email to use is

*Member Event refund policy*
For half-day events: no refund

For one-day events:
50% refund will be issued for a cancellation made 25 days or more before event;
25% refund will be issued for a cancellation made 16-24 days before event.
No refund will be issued 1-15 days before event.

For multiple-day trips:
No refund of deposit.
50% refund will be issued for a cancellation made 16-30 days before event.
No refund for a cancellation made 1-15 days before event.