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Elderhostel Affilation

Elderhostel LogoCALL is one of more than 400 Learning in Retirement Institutes sponsored by colleges and universities and affiliated with each other through the Elderhostel Institute Network. There is no single model for institutes such as CALL. Each is an independent entity created by a unique group of people and sponsored by a host institution with its own special character and mission. However, those already in operation usually have some common goals and characteristics. Among them are these:

  • Institutes provide non-credit college-level coursework for commuters.

  • Learners form institutes. An institute functions with bylaws and committees which establish its identity and purposes. It is governed by a Board elected by its members. Members have significant involvement in institute decisions, such as curriculum and finances, and they assist in recruitment.

  • Additional activities include field trips and monthly meetings. The desired outcome is a "community" of active, learning seniors.

  • Institutes encourage participation without regard to previous levels of formal education. They are financed by modest. membership fees.