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Constitution and Bylaws


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   1.1.  Name

The official name of the organization is Calvin Academy for Lifelong Learning.

   1.2. Acronym

The acronym for the organization, CALL, will be used throughout this Constitution and Bylaws and may be used in publicity for the organization.


   2.1. Affiliation

The Calvin Academy for Lifelong Learning is an organization affiliated with Calvin College; it relates to the College through the Office of Alumni, Parent and Community Relations. .

   2.2. Purpose

The purpose of CALL is twofold: first, to enrich the lifelong spiritual, intellectual, cultural, and social lives of its members, and second, to create an abiding partnership between Calvin College and senior citizens in Greater Grand Rapids who wish to share knowledge, talents and experience.

   2.3. Responsibility

2.3.1. The membership of CALL, through its Board of Directors, has responsibility for designing, managing, and carrying out its various activities in accordance with the Bylaws.

2.3.2. CALL is subject to superintending control by the President of Calvin College, reflecting that this is a partnership based on mutual goals as well as the fact that CALL is under the College's 501(c)3 non-profit designation.


   3.1. Eligibility

Membership in CALL is normally open to all persons who are age 50 or older.

   3.2. Personal Characteristics

Members should have a broad range of interests, inquisitive minds, spiritual and intellectual vitality, and a willingness to contribute to the enrichment of fellow members and other members of the local community.

   3.3. Relationship to Calvin College

Members must be supportive of the goals and purposes of Calvin College .

   3.4. Participation

CALL membership is primarily for persons who will participate regularly and actively in the organization.

   3.5. Dues

There will be an annual monetary amount set for membership dues.


   4.1. Board of Directors

CALL will be led by a Board of Directors of at least twelve and not more than fifteen members elected from and by the membership, plus two members appointed by the President of Calvin College.

   4.2. Term of Office for Board Members

The term of office for a Board member is three years, with a maximum of two consecutive terms. A previous Director may become eligible for re-nomination after a one-year absence from the Board.

    4.3. Qualifications for President of the Board

4.3.1 Only those Directors who support the values,philosophy, and educational focus of CALL and Calvin College will be considered for nomination to the office of President of the Board.

4.3.2 To be eligible for nomination as President of the Board, a Director must be willing to sign the form of subscription required of Calvin College faculty.


    5.1. Proposed Amendments

5.1.1. Proposed amendments may be initiated either by CALL members or by the Board of Directors.

5.1.2.Proposed amendments must be reviewed by both the Board of Directors and the President of Calvin College.

5.1.3.Proposed amendments must be made available to the membership at least thirty days prior to consideration at a duly constituted CALL membership meeting.

   5.2. Adopting Amendments

For adoption, proposed amendments require approval by at least a two-thirds vote of those present at an official CALL membership meeting.


The Calvin Academy of Lifelong Learning, because of its affiliation with Calvin College, is a certified 501(c)(3) charitable organization, whose assets defer to the College should it dissolve.

* * * * *



   1.1. Nomination of Directors

1.1.1. Nominations for Board members shall be made by the Nominating Committee from the membership of CALL

1.1.2.At least one month prior to the annual meeting the Nominating Committee shall submit to the Board a Slate of Candidates for Board positions which are open.

1.1.3. After approval by the Board, this Slate of Candidates shall be included in the annual meeting notice to CALL members.

   1.2. Election of Directors

1.2.1. Directors shall be elected at the annual meeting of CALL from the Slate of Candidates.

1.2.2. Nominations may be made from the floor provided the nominee has given prior approval to such action.

1.2.3. Election may be by unanimous consent or by voice vote. If the number of candidates exceeds the number to be elected, the voting shall be by ballot, a simple majority required for election.

1.2.4.Following the annual meeting, the new Board shall meet to elect its officers.

   1.3. Vacancies on the Board

1.3.1. Resignation of a Board member must be in writing and shall be submitted to the Board President or Secretary.

1.3.2.The Board may make appointments to fill mid-term vacancies in elected positions after having solicited names of candidates from the Nominating Committee.

1.3.3. Vacancies in positions appointed by the President of Calvin College may be filled only by the President of Calvin College.

   1.4. Absences from Meetings

1.4.1. Three consecutive unexcused absences from regular Board meetings by a Board member shall, after due notification, normally be considered equivalent to resignation.

1.4.2. Vacancies resulting from such absence may be filled in accordance with section 1.3 above.

   1.5. Meetings

1.5.1. The Board of Directors shall hold regular meetings at such times and places as it may determine.

1.5.2. Special meetings may be called by the President or at the written request to the Board Secretary by two or more members of the Board.

1.5.3. Notice shall be given to all Board members at least forty-eight hours prior to all meetings.

   1.6. Membership Fees

The Board of Directors shall set the annual membership fee and announce it during the annual membership renewal and new-member drive.


   2.1. Officers

The officers of CALL shall be: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Vicar.

   2.2. Election and Terms of Office

2.2.1.A slate of nominees, usually one nominee for each office, shall be drawn up by the Executive Committee, augmented with one member of the Nominating Committee selected by the President. This slate shall be presented to the Board at the end of the June Board meeting. Additional names may be placed in nomination by the Board at the June meeting.

2.2.2.Officers shall be elected by the Board from these nominees, at the June meeting of the Board.

2.2.3.Officers shall serve one-year terms, beginning immediately after the June meeting of the Board, and may be re-nominated for each of their remaining term years.

2.2.4.The CALL membership shall be duly notified of CALL’s officers following the election.

   2.3. President

2.3.1.The President of the Board of Directors will give leadership to ensure that CALL programs are educationally sound and support Calvin College 's mission of integrating faith and learning.

2.3.2.The President shall preside at all meetings of CALL, of the Board of Directors, and of the Executive Committee.

2.3.3.The President shall, in consultation with the Executive Committee, appoint the Chairpersons of all committees.

2.3.4. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

   2.4. Vice-President

        The Vice-President shall act as an aide to the President and, in the absence of the President, perform all the normal duties of the President.

   2.5. Secretary

2.5.1.The Secretary shall keep and present a correct record of the proceedings of all CALL meetings and of the Board of Directors and Execuative Committee.

2.5.2. The Secretary shall deliver copies of materials having potential historical value, such as general mailings, newsletters, and Board Minutes, to Heritage Hall of Calvin College.

   2.6. Treasurer

2.6.1. The Treasurer shall ensure that there is an accurate record of membership and dues, shall authorize expenditures from CALL funds, shall prepare an annual report, and shall serve on the Budget and Finance Committee.

2.6.2. On behalf of CALL the Treasurer will use Calvin College Financial Services for its bill paying and accounting needs.

   2.7. Vicar

        The Vicar shall perform all the normal duties of the Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer when any of these officers are absent.

   2.8. Executive Committee

2.8.1.The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers of the Board, one of the members appointed by the President of Calvin College, and the immediate past president (for one year).

2.8.2.The Executive Committee shall act on behalf of CALL between meetings of the Board, subject to the right of the Board to review Executive Committee action at the next Board meeting.

2.8.3.The chairpersons of the committees having responsibility for the matter or matters being dealt with at the Executive Committee meeting will normally be invited to attend and will have full privilege of the floor.

2.8.4.The Executive Committee shall direct the day-to-day work of CALL's paid employees. These employees shall also have an organizational tie to the college's human resources structure through a designated college administrator.


3.1. Standing Committees of the Board shall be as follows

       3.1.1. College Support Committee

This committee will work with Calvin College in establishing college support in providing space, equipment, mailing and duplicating services, and other appropriate needs.

      3.1.2. Curriculum Committee

This committee will establish a curriculum that is based on the interests of the membership, and that is in harmony with the stated purpose of is committee will establish a curriculum that Constitution.  Qualified instructors or leaders will be drawn both from within the membership and from the community.

        3.1.3. Finance Committee

This committee will establish a yearly budget, and will recommend membership and class fees to the Board. This committee will also investigate other means of support, such as private donations and foundation grants.

         3.1.4. Hospitality Committee

This committee will maintain appropriate services to members, and provide hospitality at all sessions and meetings.

        3.1.5. Member Events Committee

This committee will establish and plan social gatherings for members, and will arrange a program of special trips and events for members.

       3.1.6. Membership Committee

This committee will recruit members from among the senior citizens of the Greater Grand Rapids area, maintain records of their interests and volunteer preferences, and distribute such information to appropriate committees. This committee will also serve as the Distinguished Service Award Nominating Committee.

       3.1.7. Nominating Committee

This committee will prepare a slate of candidates for Board members, and present it to the Board for their approval, before the slate goes to the membership for election. This committee will also suggest names of persons to the Board for candidates to fill unexpired terms on the Board.

      3.1.8. Public Events Committee

This committee will coordinate the Passport to Adventure Travelogue series and the Noontime Lecture Series, and establish appropriate new events open to the public.

      3.1.9. Publicity Committee

This committee will prepare publicity announcements, publish a membership newsletter, and handle all mailings.

       3.1.10. Service and Community Relations Committee

This committee will assist members in finding ways to use their skills on a volunteer basis in the community and will initiate activities by which ommittee will assist members in finding ways to use their skills on a volunteer basis in the community and will initiate activities by which CALL can serve th Service Grant Program, and make recommendations to the Board for such grants.

       3.1.11. Summer Programs Committee

This committee will arrange summer events and summer courses, based on the interests of the membership.

       3.1.12. Health, Fitness, and Recreation Committee

This committee will establish programs to assist members in leading healthy and enjoyable life-styles. This committee will collaborate with the HPERDS Department of Calvin College, as well as with other agencies, in establishing and operating some of these programs.

  3.2. Committee Membership

3.2.1. Committee Chairpersons are appointed by the President, in consultation with the Executive Committee of the Board.

3.2.2.Committee Chairpersons are responsible for recruiting committee members from the CALL  membership in sufficient number to carry out the duties of the committee.

3.2.3. One Board member shall be appointed to each committee. This appointment shall be made jointly by the Committee Chairperson and the Board President.

3.2.4.There are no term limits for committee members.

   3.3. Ad Hoc Committees

    The President of the Board shall appoint ad hoc committees as required.


  4.1. Procedure

     The CALL Bylaws may be amended by majority vote of the Board of Directors.

  4.2. Reporting

      All changes to the Bylaws shall be reported promtly to the CALL membership.