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Careers: Alumni: Ben Ipema

Where are they now?

Meet Ben, a graduate of the class of 2007.

Where are you now?

Since June of 2007 I have been working for Capin Crouse LLP in Wheaton, Illinois. It an accounting firm that specialized in audits of Christian non‑profits. Some of our clients include Calvin College, Focus on the Family, and Intervarsity.

What path did you follow after graduation from Calvin to get where you are now? 

During the fall semester of my senior year at Calvin, I spoke with several staff from Capin Crouse at Calvin's accountants night recruiting fair. Shortly afterwords, they invited me to Wheaton, Illinois for a job interview and they extended me an offer to start the summer after my senior year.

What to do you value most about your studies in the business or accounting program at Calvin?  Why? 

Probably the relationships I developed with my professors and classmates.

Did you have an internship while you were a student?  If yes, how do you feel you grew from your internship experience? 

Yes, I was fortunate enough to have three different internships while I was at Calvin. They helped me in several ways. They taught me to be a professional. They gave me valuable experience in knowing what kind of work I enjoyed and also what kind of work I didn't enjoy. My internship experience was also a big reason why I was able to get a job out of college.

How does your faith influence you both professionally, and in your personal life as you have navigated the past few years since leaving Calvin? 

My faith was a big reason why I joined the firm which I currently work for. It also impacts my day to day work life, helping me to treat others with kindness, gentleness, and respect.

What advice do you have for students considering business or accounting? 

I would recommend pursuing internships while in college. They're often the best way to line up a job opportunity.

What words of encouragement do you have for students in accounting or business as they think about their careers? 

Despite the tough economy, there are still a lot of good opportunities for good accountants and other business majors. Keep working hard and take advantage of the opportunities which Calvin offers students.

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In Ben's words

"I would recommend pursuing internships while in college. They're often the best way to line up a job opportunity."