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Business Concentrations: Small Business

Small Business

What is Small Business?

Unlike a larger corporation with multiple departments and divisions to handle all aspects of managment and operations, a small business is characterized by a relatively small number of personnel. Often, the owner must serve as president, chief operating officer, and chief financial officer. There may or may not be staff members to deal with marketing and advertising, accounting, human resources, and other necessary activities. A focus on cash flow and guerilla marketing tactics, however, is essential in order to remain profitable.

Is Small Business right for me?

If you are interested in working in your family's business or dream of starting your own business, then a concentration in Small Business is for you.

If you have a mindset of creativity and innovation, and are self-confident and energetic, you should consider this concentration.

Why is Small Business important?

Small business is a very important component of the U.S. economy. Studies consistently indicate that more than 80% of new jobs are created by small business.

Small business is an important part of the global economy as well as the domestic economy. Through modern telecommunications and the internet plus a multitude of SBA programs, engaging in international trade has become commonplace.

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Want more information?

Contact Professor Medema for more information on the concentration or careers in Small Business.

Business requirements

See the course requirements for the business major and this area of concentration.