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Students and faculty

Why Calvin?

We asked our students, "Why did you decide to study Biology at Calvin?"

Here are their answers:

  • Research opportunities are available on and off-campus during the summer and the academic year.
  • Calvin's program is a great value.
  • Most students can graduate in four years.
  • Infrastructure is there to support research and laboratory experiences.
  • Many great field opportunities. Many labs go outside and use the ecosystem preserves.
  • There are two ecological field stations.
  • The programs are comprehensive.
  • Faculty are available in their offices to advise students.
  • Faculty care personally about their students, they are approachable and friendly.
  • We get quality teaching by professors with Ph.D.s.
  • We have opportunities to take classes we are interested in that are not required for the major.
  • The program and teaching are Christ centered.
  • Extensive open laboratory hours are open for students.
  • Students have access to technology; students run their own samples.
  • Calvin's biology department is the recipient of several HHMI grants that recognize excellence.
  • The biology courses are rigorous and have demanding expectations.
  • Calvin attracts high achieving students.
  • Students say that they learn more in Calvin biology courses than in similar courses at other colleges.
  • There is great camaraderie between biology students.

Calvin's biology department is small enough to feel intimate, but large enough to provide great opportunities.



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