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Biology 123 lab

Why choose Calvin to study biology?

What we believe in

Academic excellence - We teach because we love teaching. Read what our students say about Calvin's biology department.

Research - We collaborate with undergraduate students.

Personal advising - You have a passion, lets make it a career!

Emotional and spiritual development - Faculty are available and we really care for students.

Biology and faith integration - Check out the biology department's perspectives on evolution.

Study of local as well as global challenges- We study viruses in soil and human bacteria, all the way to tropical ecosystems and medical needs in developing countries.
Biology lab


Why it's worth it

Student-centered curriculum - Calvin's biology curriculum is on the leading edge of a nation-wide reform movement in undergraduate biology education. All of our technology and grant money doesn't mean anything if students don't benefit from them. What drives our grant writing and research projects is our desire to use the gifts God gives us to foster your success.

Hands-on experience - You can actually use advanced technology. At other schools only graduate students or technicians use the equipment.

Strong points - Find out what our students say about Calvin's biology program.

Christian faculty - Our faculty are 100% reformed, committed Christian scientists who actually teach the classes.

Faculty advisors - Our faculty advise students and are friendly, approachable and available.

Small classes - Our class size is small, only 16 to 50 students.

Great classmates - Your classmates are studying biology at Calvin because they want to be here. You will find them to be a dedicated, funloving group.



Prepare for success

Network - Our collaborations with major universities and corporations provide amazing opportunities for you.

Find Research opportunities - Many of our biology majors participate in off-campus internships or research assistantships.

Do summer research - Each summer 20 to 30 students conduct research with faculty mentors - and are paid!

Get published - Many undergraduate biology students are co-authors for published research articles.

Present at conferences - All student researchers have opportunities to attend reagional and/or international research conferences and present posters.

Find Academic help - Tutoring is available through Student Academic Services.

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