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Student Involvement: Off-Campus Programs

Studying off-campus

When it comes to going beyond campus to deepen your study of biology, you've got nearly endless options.

First you should decide whether you would like to study off-campus for an entire semester, or for just three weeks during January or May (interim). Then explore what program or course might best serve your academic and personal goals. Many of Calvin's off-campus semester programs have a biology-related component or elective option, but others do not. Talk with your advisor about these opportunities.

Off-Campus programs

Costa RicaCalvin offers semester-long programs in Britain, China, France, Ghana, Honduras, Hungary, New Mexico, Spain, and Washington, D.C. The semester names in bold have a biology focus, component or elective option.

As a Calvin student, you may also participate in non-Calvin semester programs. Biology-related non-Calvin programs include:

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies

Take courses and work in internships related to environmental studies. Study in northern Michigan with its forests, wetlands, lakes and rivers, or study on east or west coasts, Kenya or India.

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Creation Care Study Program

Study creation care in either Belize or New Zealand/Samoa during the fall or spring semester with students from other Christian colleges and universities.

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Pierce Cedar Creek Institute for Environmental Education

Undergraduate research grants are available for summer internships at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute for teams of students and their faculty mentors.

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Off-campus interim courses

Each year, the biology department offers a number of interim courses that explore special topics in-depth. In 2015, the following off-campus interim courses will be offered:Tropical Ecosystems Interim

These courses were offered in 2014:

  • Tropical Ecosystems: Costa Rica & Belize
  • Transforming Cambodia: Cambodia
  • culture, Medicine and Bioethics: China
  • Hawaiian Farms and food systems
  • Winter Ecology: Northern Michigan


Study in Honduras

Go to Honduras and watch as development theories leap off the pages of your textbooks and come alive at garment factories, banana plantations and subsistence farms.Joel Betz


Emily Huizenga

Learn more about this opportunity and how it could fit into your academic program.