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Research: On-Campus Summer 2010

Summer 2010 On-Campus Research Fellowships

Lindsey RiosLindsay Rios is working with Professor David DeHeer using bacteria to synthesize ethanol from grasses. This project is supported by Calvin's Enterprise Center.






Nicole RoelofsNicole Roelofs is also working on an Enterprise Center project. She works with Nigel Crompton studying leukocyte apoptosis for radiation yherapy patients.





Joe Singer & Rachel AbmaJoe Singer, Rachel Abma & Amanda Harris are working with Professor Keith Grasman on two projects: Effects of Pollutants on the Health of Colonial Waterbirds of the Great Lakes, &
Impact of Environmental Contaminants on Immune Function in Common Loons.


Scott JonesScott Jones is living and doing research this summer at the Flat Iron Lake preserve, 25 miles northeast of Grand Rapids. His project is called: Field Botany at Flat Iron Lake:  Flower Phenology and Tree Inventory. Scott works with Professor Dave Warners.

Jake ZwartJake Zwart is also staying at the preserve studying the summer phenology of the open-water community in Flat Iron Lake. Jake is working with Professor Randy Van Dragt.



Rachel Van DykenRachel Van Dyken is working with Professor John Ubels. Her research is on elevated potassium Ion in lacrimal fluid and the health of the ocular surface.





Ben Konynenbelt & Anna Van WykeAnna Van Wyk & Ben Konynenbelt are also working with Professor John Ubels this summer. Their research involves the development and evaluation of lubricant eye drops for treatment of dry eye syndrome.




Ben JohnsonBen Johnson is working with Professor John Wertz to generate Python-based software for rapid data analysis of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and phylogenetics of host-associated microbes.




Becca AllenBecca Allen is investigating the role of microaerophilic bacteria in human health and disease along with Professor John Wertz.





Joshua McCarronEmily DiekemaJoshua McCarron & Emily Diekema work with Professor Amy Wilstermann on a project called:
Investigating Prokaryote-Stimulated Expression of Eukaryotic Matrix Metalloproteinases and Characterizing Topoisomerase II Intermolecular Interactions.



Tyler BleekerTyler Bleeker is working with Professor Dave Warners on native tree propagation for carbon sequestration.


Jake BakerJake Baker is working at Johns Hopkins University with Professor Anding Shen on a graduate level project in the field of HIV latency titled: HIV infection in resting T cells co-cultured with endothelial cells.



Andrew Adkins & Isaac ArmisteadAndrew Adkins & Isaac Armistead are researching the potential for woody invasive plants to produce biomass for ethanol and improve soil quality. Professor David Dornbos is their faculty mentor.




Lauren BylsmaLauren Bylsma is working with Professor Arlene Hoogewerf studying biofilm bacteria and their mechanisms to evade host cell defenses.





Kelly Peterson & Jill RoosKelly Peterson & Jill Roos are assessing and extending Calvin's campus forest creation with Professor Dave Warners.





Peter Vanden Berg & Alexandra Van MilligenAlexandra Van Milligen & Peter Vanden Berg are working with Professor David Koetje and the curriculum committee to develop Biology 225 and 250, the sophomore-level courses in biology's new curriculum.




Alex CohenAmanda ErwoodKara BielemaAlex Cohen,  Amanda Erwood & Kara Bielema are working for Professor Randy Van Dragt and Jeanette Henderson as stewards of Calvin College's nature preserves. They work at Calvin's Ecosystem preserve and Flat Iron Lake preserve.

Summer 2009 research projects



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