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Research: Recently Awarded Grants

Current Grants

National Science Foundation awarded an MRI grant to Randall DeJong, John Wertz, and David Wunder (Engineering) entitled "MRI: Acquisition of a Nanofluidic Quantitative PCR / Genotyping System to Enhance Collaborative Faculty and Undergraduate Research at Calvin College" for $338,004.

Cargill Fund awarded an equipment grant to Darren Proppe for $7,495.

The Calvin College Alumni Association awarded Ryan Bebej a grant to fund travel to some museums for his research during the summer of 2013 - $1,800.

Pierce Cedar Creek Institute URGE program to David Dornbos - Development of a GIS Model to Optimize the Gross Primary Productivity of Terrestrial Plant Communities and the Potential to Store Carbon in Soils at PCCI - $11,000

American Chemical Society Project SEED: Eric Arnoys, Dave Benson, Mark Muyskens, Kumar Sinniah, Chad Tatko, Amy Wilstermann - $7,000

US Fish and Wildlife Service, Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, “Assessment of Population, Reproductive, and Health Impairments in Colonial Waterbirds Breeding in Michigan's Areas of Concern," to Keith Grasman was awarded a $71,805 grant.

Environment Canada, “The effects of environmental pollutants on immune function of common loons in Nova Scotia” to Keith Grasman - $5000

GLISTEN grant for Community-Based Learning and Research Involving the Restoration and Monitoring of Plaster Creek and Bear Creek, to David Koetje and Randall Van Dragt to facilitate Biology 250 work on Plaster Creek and Bear Creek in 2013-2014 - $4000

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, to Gail Heffner, Nate Haan, and Dave Warners, and the Plaster Creek Stewards Project - To address pollution sources in the Plaster Creek Watershed - $375,662

Fulbright Canada grant, to Janel Curry, Gail Heffner, Nate Haan and Dave Warners - Promoting upstream-downstream connections in the Plaster Creek Watershed - $4000

National Science Foundation, David S. Koetje, Amy Wilstermann, Herbert R. Fynewever, Randall G. Van Dragt, Randall J. Pruim - Leveraging Laboratory Activities to Achieve Educational Reform - $199,990

National Institute of Health, Anding Shen - to study the role of endothelial cells in HIV infection - $306,211

Margaret Cargill Foundation, Randall Van Dragt - development of Calvin's programs in environmental studies and environmental science - $575,418

National Science Foundation, ARI-R2: Integrated Science Research Experimental Laboratory: David Benson, Chad Tatko, David DeHeer, Matthew Walhout, Randall Pruim - $951,150

National Science Foundation, MRI-R2: Acquisition of Biophysical Instruments for Interdisciplinary Faculty and Student Research: Kumar Sinniah, David Benson and Amy Wilstermann — $208,645

National Science Foundation, MRI: Acquisition of a 500 MHz NMR Spectrometer to Enhance Faculty and Student Research: Chad Tatko, Amy Wilstermann, David E. Benson, Eric J. Arnoys — $487,470

National Science Foundation, MRI: MALDI Acquisition for Collaborative Species and Biomolecule Identification: David Benson, Chad Tatko, John Wertz, Amy Wilstermann,  Randy DeJong — $279,000

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), Student Research and Broadening Access to Science, to develop Calvin’s Integrated Science Research Institute (ISRI): David DeHeer, Randall Pruim, Eric Arnoys, Chad Tatko — $1,100,000

Perrigo Charitable Foundation, David Warners - Calvin Native Gardens Project - $9,845

River Network, Gail Heffner, David Warners, Nathan Haan - Plaster Creek Stewars Program - $58,500

US Fish and Wildlife Service, Keith Grasman - Research on the effects of environmental pollutants on the health of fish eating birds - gulls, terns and herons of the Great Lakes and loons in the Adirondack Mountains - $68,715

National Center for Science and Civic Engagement at Harrisburg University, Great Lakes Innovative Stewardship Through Education Network (GLISTEN) cluster with Calvin College, GVSU, Muskegon Community College, the Blandford Nature Center, WMEAC, the Land Conservancy, Muskegon Conservation District, and Timberland RC&D. — $30,000

National Science Foundation, Science Education for New Civic Engagements and Responsibilities (SENCER): Post-Institute Implementation Award; David Koetje — $3,000

National Science Foundation, S-STEM: Computation for interdisciplinary science; Randall Pruim, Joel Adams, David DeHeer, David Koetje, Keith VanderLinden — $581,000

National Institutes of Health: Cultivation and Characterization of the Microaerobes from the Mucosa of the Gastrointestinal Tract : Schmidt, T.M., Young, V.B., Chang, E., Waldron, C., Wertz, J.T. — $1,100,000

Alcon Laboratories, Inc.: Evaluation of Concepts for the Relief of Dry Eye Symptoms; John Ubels —  $432,725



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Our Funding

Our department currently has over $6,398,069 in grants to fund our rigorous year-round research program.

Our Faculty do research

Twelve biology faculty maintain vigerous research projects. Many have recent publications.