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Careers in biology

If you've given any thought to being a biology or environmental science major, you've probably also wondered:

"What will I be able to do with my degree?"

As a graduate from the biology department at Calvin College, you might find yourself:Kourtney Stonehouse

  • Attending medical school to become a physician
  • Working at a medical research laboratory, developing medicines to treat diseases
  • Teaching biology to high school students
  • Developing sustainable agriculture techniques in Africa, southeast Asia or Latin America
  • Caring for livestock as a farm veterinarian

Our graduates have pursued these and more careers in fields related to biology. Explore more career options at the American Institute of Biological Sciences.

Is Biology for you?

Find out if majoring in biology is a good fit.

What would you like to study?

Find a professor who shares your interests!

Planning ahead

Wondering how to start your career in biology or a related field? Here's a place to start.

Graduate study

Many careers in biology require further education beyond the undergraduate level.

Recent graduates

See what other biology department students have gone on to do with their degrees.

Looking for more resources - contact the Calvin Career Development Office