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Academics: Curriculum - Medical Professions

Preparing Future Medical Professionals

Scientific Foundations for future PhysiciansBecause our curriculum is designed to strengthen competencies that are essential for medical professions, selecting a biology major is a great fit for students interested in pre-medicine or other pre-health professions.  In fact, our courses systematically strengthen competencies identified by Scientific Foundations for Future Physicians as essential for pre-medical students:

  • Apply quantitative reasoning and appropriate mathematics to describe or explain phenomena in the natural world.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the process of scientific inquiry, and explain how scientific knowledge is discovered and validated.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic physical principles and their applications to the understanding of living systems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic principles of chemistry and some of their applications to the understanding of living systems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how biomolecules contribute to the structure and function of cells.
  • Apply understanding of principles of how molecular and cell assemblies, organs, and organisms develop structure and carry out function.
  • Explain how organisms sense and control their internal environment and how they respond to external change.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how the organizing principle of evolution by natural selection explains the diversity of life on earth.

What does our new curriculum look like?

Why is Biology education reforming?


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To explore more pre-medical and pre-health professional options and opportunities at Calvin, please visit our Pre-Health Professions website.

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