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Academics: Biotechnology

Minor in integrative biotechnology

Biotechnologists manipulate genes and cells to design products and methods that are useful and beneficial.  The integrative biotechnology minor at Calvin emphasizes technical excellence and critical thinking about how and when biotechnology should be applied to help resolve problems.  While mastering a blend of foundational knowledge in cell biology, chemistry, and computer science, you will gain hands-on experience with DNA analyses, cell culture, bioinformatics, gene cloning, and making transgenic organisms.  You will also explore Christian approaches to ethical and regulatory issues within the field, which are often a source of intense controversy.

Program overview

The integrative biotechnology minor at Calvin is comprised of seven courses (25-28 semester hours) in three disciplines – chemistry, biology, and computer science – that together form the basis for most current methodologies in biotechnology.  Students considering this minor are encouraged to get in touch with the program advisor, David Koetje.

  • One of these options in Chemistry (8-9 sem hrs)
    • Chem 103-104
    • Chem 105 and 201, 230, 253, or 261
    • Chem 103 and Engr 106
  • One of these options in Biology (8 sem hrs)
    • Phage Genomics: Biol 123N and 224 w/ LN
    • Cell Culture: Biol 224 (or 141) and 333 (or 335)
  • Biol 325 – Biotechnology (4 sem hrs)
  • CS 104, 106, or 108 – Computing (2-4 sem hrs)
  • CS 300 – Bioinformatics (3 sem hrs)
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Careers in biotech?

Biotechnology intersects with many other disciplines.  Thus, we designed our program to complement diverse majors, adding knowledge and skill sets beneficial for careers such as these:

  • chemical engineering
  • bioinformatics
  • medical research and diagnostics
  • regenerative medicine
  • genetic counseling
  • pharmaceutical research
  • forensic science
  • agriculture and aquaculture
  • bioremediation
  • patent law
  • bioethics
  • scientific writing

What are recent Calvin biotech graduates doing now?

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