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Academics: Biology Major - B.A.

B.A. in biology

This program is for students who want to obtain a biology major as they prepare to work in a related career. Because the BA degree has less emphasis on research and math than the BS degree program, there are more hours available for course work in other disciplines. 

Program overview
  • Take four introductory courses to give you a broad base in biology.
  • Choose four upper level courses to fit your specific interests in the field of biology.
  • Have the opportunity to complete a second major.
  • Take a capstone course to explore what it means to be both a Christian and a scientist. collecting seeds in a bog
Program requirements

Biology Foundation – required for all majors

123 The Living World: Concepts and Connections
224 Cellular and Genetic Systems
225 Ecological and Evolutionary Systems

Introductory Research

250 Research Design and Methodology (take concurrently with BIOL 295)

Seminar Course – complete two semesters of this course

295 Biology Seminar

Upper level Biology

Four from BIOL 3XX, three of which must have a laboratory component (students may include an approved interim as one of these four 3XX courses)
311 Field Botany
313 Paleontology
321 Genetics and Development
323 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
324 Molecular Biology
325 Biotechnology
331 Comparative Animal Physiology
332 Plant Physiology
333 Immunology
334 Cell and Tissue Culture
335 Cell Biology
336 General Microbiology
338 Animal Behavior
341 Entomology
344 Vertebrate Biology
345 Ecosystem Ecology and Management
346 Plant Taxonomy
364 Global health, Environment and Sustainability
383 Laboratory in Biochemistry

Capstone Courses – complete one course

394 Perspectives in Biotechnology
395 Perspectives in Biology
396 Perspectives in Medicine
Completion of a Major Field Test in biology

Chemistry Cognates

CHEM 103-104

Quantitative Cognates

MATH 143

Interdisciplinary Cognate

1 course: Computer Science 106, Chemistry 253, Geology 151, MATH 132 (or 171), Psychology 333, or Physics 223.



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Did you know?

With a B.A in Biology you can go into the following fields:

  • Exercise science
  • Teaching
  • Environmental law
  • Business
  • Technical writing
  • Psychology
  • International development

The biology faculty have a variety of interests such as:

40 - 60 biology students get jobs within the department each year.

Biology has five full time staff:

  • Lab manager
  • Ecosystem preserve manager
  • Equipment technician
  • 2 Research technicians
  • Administrative assistant