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Dave Warners, selected publications

MichaelRyskamp, David Warners, 2012 “Relic or Recruit? Newly Discovered Aronia Arbutifolia (Ell.) Pers. (Red Chokeberry) in Kent county Raises Questions Regarding Past and Future Distributions.” The Michigan Botanist, July-September, 2012 Vol. 51, No. 3

Book 2012. Ecology chapter in Delight in Creation: Scientists Share their Work with the Church. Edited
     by: Haarsma, D. and Hoezee, S. (Grand Rapids, MI. Center for Excellence in Preaching, 2012).
Warners, D. 2012. No Existence, Only Coexistence: Gardening for the good of biodiversity. Wild Ones
     Journal, January/February/March.
Warners, D. 2012. No Existence, Only Coexistence: Gardening for the good of biodiversity. The National
     Gardener, Winter.
Book 2011. Faith, Science and Stewardship: Christian Pedagogy on the Environment. Their chapter is
     titled, Reconciliation Ecology: A Christian Pedagogy of Place. Warners, D. and Heffner, G. (Benedictine
DeJong, G. and D. P. Warners.  2010.  Evolutionary and ecological significance of a
     naturally-occurring hybrid poplar (Populus deltoides x Populus balsamifera) in
     Northern Michigan.  Accepted with revision to The Michigan Botanist.
Warners, D. P.  2009.  What I Wish My Pastor Knew About Ecology.  Online Essay for
    Science on Sunday: Integrating science into the life of the Congregation (Templeton
    Funded Project to Deborah Haarsma and Scott Hoezee).
Hiskes, P. D. and D. P. Warners.  2009.  Extirpated Glyceria acutiflora newly discovered
     in Kent County, Michigan.  The Michigan Botanist Vol. 48, No. 3, pp 78-82.
Kuperus Heun, M., D. Warners and H. DeVries.  2009.  Campus Carbon Neutrality as an
     Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Tool.  Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, Vol.
     61, No. 2, pp 85-98.
Warners, D. P. and J. Bouman.  2009.  Faith, Hope and . . . Sustainability.  Online article
     for the Gospel and Culture Project,   
Goedhart, J. and D. P. Warners.  2007.  Assessment of Prairie Pots as a Restoration
     Strategy.  The Michigan Botanist Vol. 46, No. 4, pp 110-117.
Bergwerff, K. and D. P. Warners.  2007.  Multiple objectives achieved with a
     Germination experiment in a science education biology class.  The American Biology
    Teacher Vol 69, Num. 9, November, 2007, pp 552-556.
Warners, D. P., N. L. Haan and B. VanderWeide.  2007.  Natural Areas Inventory of Ada
    Township.  Technical Report to the Ada Township Planning Committee, Ada
    Township, Kent County, Michigan.  171 pp.
Warners, D. P. 2006.  From Stewardship to Shalom, Biblical Principles for Creation
     Care.  Proceedings of God and Creation Conference, Nairobi, Kenya, April 2006.
Warners, D. P. and S. P. Bratton.  2006.  Broad implications for living.
     Chapter 2 in Living the Good Life on God’s Good Earth.  January,
Clements, D. and D. P. Warners.  2006.  The plants in our yards and
     commons.  Chapter 7 in Living the Good Life on God’s Good Earth. 
     January, 2006
Warners, D. P., A. Gosselink and L. Van Brandt.  2005.  Botanical Inventory of
     Hoffmaster State Park – a 20 year retrospective.  Technical Report to be submitted to
     Hoffmaster State Park and The Michigan Department of Natural Resources.
Warners, D. P. and L. Borst.  2005.  The good of a flourishing creation – seeking God in
     a culture of affluence.  Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith.  Pp. 24-33.
Van Dragt, R. G., D. P. Warners, R. Bebej and J. Timmer.  2005.  Natural Areas
     Inventory of Vergennes Township (Kent County, Michigan).  Technical Report to The
     Open Space  Citizens Committee, Vergennes Township, Kent County.  178 pp.
Warners, D. P.  2003.  Morning by morning (. . . New mercies I see).  Poem in
     Perspectives – A Journal of Reformed Thought, November.  Pp 16-17.
Jansen, N. and D. P. Warners.  2003.  Computer mapping of Silphium laciniatum and
     Stipa spartea as a tool for conservation.  Accepted for publication by The Michigan
     Botanist, Dec, 2003.
Curry, J., G. Heffner and D. P. Warners.  2002.  Environmental service-learning:  Social
     transformation through caring for a particular place.  Michigan Journal of Community
     Service Learning, Vol 9 No. 1, Fall 2002, pp.58-66.
Van Dragt, R. G. and D. P. Warners.  2001.  Grand Rapids Metro Area Natural Areas
    Inventory.  Technical Report presented to The Land Conservancy of West Michigan.
Warners, D. P.  2000.  A diversity-loving God and his integrated creation: a scientist
    articulates his Christian view of ecology.  Chapter 2 in AERDO (Association for
    Evangelicals in Rural Development Overseas) Training Manual, pp 29-43.
Warners, D. P. and D. Laughlin.  1999.  Evidence for a species-level distinction of two
    co-occurring wetland asters, Aster puniceus L. and Aster firmus Nees. The Michigan
    Botanist, Vol. 38, No. 3:19-31.
Warners, D. P.  1997.  Species diversity in sedge meadows:  Effects of groundwater and
    fire.  PhD Dissertation, Department of Biology, University of Michigan.
Warners, D. P.  1990.  Environmental consideration in development projects of the
    Christian Reformed World Relief Committee.  CRWRC Position Paper.
Warners, D. P.  1989.  Effects of controlled burning on a northern sedge meadow
    ecosystem in central Wisconsin.  Master’s Thesis, Institute for Environmental Studies,
    University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Warners, D. P.  1987.  Effects of burning on sedge meadows (Wisconsin).  Restoration
    and Management Notes vol. 5, no 2.
Warners, D. P.  1987.  Effects of controlled burning on a sedge meadow ecosystem in
    central Wisconsin.  In: Proceedings of the Society of Wetland Scientists 8th Annual
    Meeting, Seattle, Washington, May 26-29.


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