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David Koetje's selected publications

Peer-reviewed publications

DS Koetje, Hosta sports: Phenotypic streaks and genomic upsets.  The Hosta Journal 42(1): 17-20. (2011).

DS Koetje, Place-based agriculture: Christian environmentalism informing collaborations in agroecology and biotechnology. Perspectives in Science and Christian Faith 57: 13-23 (2005).

Thomas W. Bunker, David S. Koetje, Lowry C. Stephenson, Robert A. Creelman, John E. Mullet and Howard D. Grimes, Sink limitation induces the expression of multiple soybean lipoxygenase mRNAs while the endogenous jasmonic acid level remains low. Plant Cell, 7, 1319-1331 (1995).

David S. Koetje, Halina Kononowicz and Thomas K. Hodges, Polyamine biosynthesis associated with growth and embryogenic potential of rice, J Plant Physiol, 141, 215-221 (1993).

Howard D. Grimes, David S. Koetje and Vincent R. Franceschi, Expression, activity, and cellular accumulation of methyl jasmonate-responsive lipoxygenase in soybean seedlings, Plant Physiol, 100, 433-443 (1992).

Koetje DS, HD Grimes, YC Wang, TK Hodges (1989) Regeneration of indica rice (Oryza sativa L.) from primary callus derived from immature embryos.  J Plant Physiol 135: 184-190

Books & Chapters

  • Koetje DS, ME Sheehan (2008) “Biotechnology: Building consensus with knowledge,” In: E Vander Lei and D Ward, eds. Real Texts: Reading and Writing Across the Disciplines, Pearson Publishers, New York, NY
  • Koetje DS, ed. (2006) Living the Good Life on God’s Good Earth. Faith Alive Resources, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Koetje DS (2003) Jasmonates.  In: HL Henry and AW Norman, eds, Encyclopedia of Hormones, Academic Press, San Diego, CA; vol. 2, pp. 523-528
  • Hodges TK, J Peng, LA Lyznik, DS Koetje (1991) Transformation and regeneration of rice protoplasts.  In: GS Khush and GH Toenniessen, eds., Rice Biotechnology, CAB International, Wallingford, UK; pp. 157-174
  • Hodges TK, J Peng, L Lee, DS Koetje (1990) In vitro culture of rice: Transformation and regeneration of protoplasts.  In: JP Gustavson, ed., Gene Manipulation in Plant Improvement II, Plenum Press, New York; pp. 163-183


    • DS Koetje (Fall 2005) Farming for shalom: A place for biotechnology? Spark, Calvin Alumni Association’s magazine
    • Kleinschmidt AM, DS Koetje (2002) The social context of scientific research: Taking responsibility and engaging the public.  Access via CUR’s research responsibility page:
    • Koetje, DS (2002) A Hispanic theology of reconciliation and its implications for Calvin.  In: S Hasseler and R Groenhout, eds, Race, Reconciliation, and Reformed Perspectives, Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship, pp. 51-53
    • Bouma H, DS Koetje (2000) Current issue: Genetically modified crops. ASA Bioethics Commission Newsletter 1:3-5
    • Koetje, DS (2000) Guest columnist for Shoreline Business Monthly of Muskegon, Michigan.  Titles:
      “Biotechnology: Great Expectations for the 21st Century” (Feb 2000)
      “Biotechnology: From Milk to Molds to Molecules” (Mar 2000)
      “Pharmaceutical Biotechnology” (Apr 2000)
      “Genetically Modified Foods: A Step in the Right Direction?”  (May 2000)
      “Beyond the GMO Dichotomy: Shaping a Sustainable Future” (Jun 2000)


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