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Hessel Bouma III, selected publications

Book 2012. Bioethics chapter in Delight in Creation: Scientists Share their Work with the Church. Edited by: Haarsma, D. and Hoezee, S. (Grand Rapids, MI. Center for Excellence in Preaching, 2012).

Bouma III, Hessel, Douglas Diekema, Edward Langerak, Theodore Rottman, and Allen Verhey. Christian Faith, Health and Medical Practice.  Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1989.

Bouma III, Hessel.   “The Search for Shalom”.  In: Genetic Ethics: Do the Ends Justify the Genes?, eds: John F. Kilner, Rebecca D. Pentz, and Frank E. Young, pp. 13-22.  Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1997.  (Reprinted in: On Moral Medicine, 2nd edition, eds. Allen Verhey and Stephen Lammers, pp. 569-65.  Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1998.)

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Turning to Technology for Children.”  The Banner (March 31, 1997), pp. 12-15.

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Take My Life, Please!”  The Banner (Aug. 4, 1997), pp. 12-15.

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Should There Be Another Ewe?  The Science and Ethics of Cloning.”  The Banner (Sept. 28, 1998), pp. 14-21.

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Neighbors in the Womb.”  Perspectives 13(4): 5-6, 1998.

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Really, Really Big Science Projects.”  Perspectives 13(10): 17, 22, 1998.

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Ethical Considerations in Human Cloning.”  Surgery 125(5): 468-70, 1999.

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Current Issue: Embryonic Stem Cells.”  ASA Bioethics Commission Newsletter 1(1): 3-5, 2000.

Bouma III, Hessel, and David S. Koetje.  “Current Issue: Genetically Modified Crops.”  ASA Bioethics Commission Newsletter 1(2): 3-5, 2000.

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Current Issue: Separation of Conjoined Twins.”  ASA Bioethics Commission Newsletter 2(1): 3-5, 2001.

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Current Issue: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.”  ASA Bioethics Commission Newsletter 2(2): 3-5, 2001.

Bouma III, Hessel, and Arlene Hoogewerf.  “Biological Warfare and Terrorism.”  ASA Bioethics Commission Newsletter 3(1): 3-5, 2002.

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Nuclear Waste Disposal.”  ASA Bioethics Commission Newsletter 3(2): 3-5, 2002.

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Artificial Human Hearts.”  ASA Bioethics Commission Newsletter.  4(1): 3-5, 2003.

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Intersexuality.”  ASA Bioethics Commission Newsletter 4(2): 3-5, 2003.

Bouma III, Hessel.  “Challenges & Lessons from the Terri Schiavo Case.”  Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 57(3): 212-220, 2005.

Looy, Heather, and Hessel Bouma III.  “The Nature of Gender: Gender Identity in Persons Who are Intersexed or Transgendered.”  Journal of Psychology and Theology 33(3): 166-178, 2005.


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