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Ryan Bebej's selected publications

Bebej, R.M.. 2013. Book review: Evolution and Belief: Confessions of a Religious Paleontologist by Robert J. Asher. Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 65: 56-58.

Bebej, R.M., M. ul-Haq, I.S. Zalmout, and P.D. Gingerich. 2012. Morphology and function of the vertebral column in Remingtonocetus domandaensis (Mammalia, Cetacea) from the middle Eocene Domanda Formation of Pakistan. Journal of Mammalian Evolution 19: 77-104. DOI: 10.1007/s10914-011-9184-8

Bebej, R.M.. 2011. Functional morphology of the vertebral column in Remingtonocetus (Mammalia, Cetacea) and the evolution of aquatic locomotion in early archaeocetes. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Michigan, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Link

Wood, A.R., R.M. Bebej, C.L. Manz, D.L. Begun, and P.D. Gingerich. 2011. Postcranial functional morphology of Hyracotherium (Equidae, Perissodactyla) and locomotion in the earliest horses. Journal of Mammalian Evolution 18: 1-32. DOI: 10.1007/s10914-010-9145-7

Bebej, R.M. 2009. Swimming mode inferred from skeletal proportions in the fossil pinnipeds Enaliarctos and Allodesmus (Mammalia, Carnivora). Journal of Mammalian Evolution 16: 77-97. DOI: 10.1007/s10914-008-9099-1

Van Dragt, R.G., D.P. Warners, R.M. Bebej, and J. Timmer. 2005. Natural areas inventory of Vergennes Township (Kent County, Michigan). Technical Report to the Open Space Citizens Committee, Vergennes Township, Kent County: 1-178.


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