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About Us: Facilities

DeVries Hall and Science Building

DeVries Hall was completed in 1999. This 55,000 sq ft science facility is dedicated to biology and chemistry teaching and research:

  • Greenhouse, aquarium, herbarium, museums, insect-propagation room
  • Integrated Scientific Research Experimental Laboratory: the ISRx.
  • 10 teaching labs
  • 10 research labs
  • faculty and department offices

Our Science Building contains classrooms and teaching labs.


C02 monitoring systemOver the past 10 years, we have invested more than $115,000 annually on biology equipment and technology, including:

  • A DNA sequencer
  • Fluidigm BioMark HD
  • Eon Microplate Reader

Browse our biology equipment »

Ecosystem Preserve

Our Ecosystem Preserve consists of 90 acres of temperate deciduous forest, wetlands, and nature trails. The Bunker Interpretive Center, inside the preserve, is an award-winning facility that has a number of environmentally friendly features.

  • A fox in Calvin's Ecosystem Preservea photovoltaic array for generating electricity from sunlight
  • gray water treatment system
  • passive ventilation system
  • native landscaping

Learn about the Eco-Preserve's program manager in "Where the wild things are"

Discover the history behind the preserve's purchase.

Herbarium and Museum

Come visit and learn about botany, herpetology, ornithology or entomology. See a plant that was collected 173 years ago by Darwin's professor. Find out about native Michigan plants and animals.

Flat Iron Lake Nature Preserve

This preserve, recently donated to Calvin College, is a property of high quality natural areas approximately 25 miles northeast of Grand Rapids.

New Integrated Lab

Nine research groups are using the new Integrated Science Research Experimental Laboratory (ISRx) this summer for their investigations. The new lab allows student and faculty researchers from a variety of disciplines to work in the same physical environment. The science that emerges from research performed in this space is expected to be highly interdisciplinary.ISRx lab
This summer biology groups are focusing on:

  • The effect of bacterial infections on fetal membranes
  • Using the MALDI-TOF to analyze datasets of gut bacteria
  • Investigating the role of bacteriophage in human health and disease
  • The potential value of Autumn Olive as a tool to restore degraded soils
  • The impact of bacteriophage on symbiotic communities of invertebrates

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Our labs comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations.