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Asian Film Collection

Hubers Asian Studies Program



Including movies by

Akira Kurosawa
Itami Juzo
Zhang Yimou
Chen Kaige
And Many More!!!

These films are now located in the Hekman Library in the Cayvan Recorded Media Center (2nd floor, west side). The films were transferred to the library in July 2007, so it will take several months before they are all available through WebCat. In the meantime, items can circulate. Ask at the Cayvan Recorded Media service window for assistance.

All Chinese and Japanese feature films have English subtitles, except in the few cases that are noted. All films are also VHS videotapes, unless marked as DVD only.

The movies below are not given any relative rating as to quality, since all were chosen as the finest films ever produced in China and Japan. Most of them are considered masterpieces in their own way. All movies in our collection are well worth seeing or we would not have chosen them.

NOTE: Films that have an asterisk (*) by the title have some particularly violent content that may disturb some viewers. Films that have two asterisks (**) have some erotic content that may offend some viewers.
Film listings are alphabetized by the title name, but if a title begins with “the”, the alphabetizing is based on the second word of the title. Japanese directors’ names are given in western style, with the first name followed by the surname. Chinese directors’ names are given in Asian fashion, with the last name given first.

PLEASE ENJOY one of the best collections of Asian films to be found at any college or university!