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Experiential Learning: Off-Campus Programs

Study art around the world

As an art, art education, art history or pre-architecture major at Calvin, you may be interested in broadening your experience by participating in a January art or art history interim, or a semester-long off-campus program.

Off-campus semester programs

Calvin offers 12 off-campus semester programs to locations far and wide. Nearly all of these programs have components that could enhance your program in art or art history. Check out programs in Britain, China, France, Ghana, Honduras (Development), Honduras (Spanish), Hungary, New Mexico, Peru, Spain and Washington D.C.

Karis at NYCAMS

Other semester programs of note to art and art history majors include the Chicago Semester and the New York Center for Art and Media Studies (NYCAMS).


Off-campus interim courses

Professors from art and art history regularly lead three-week interim (January or May) courses to locations around the globe. Recent courses include:

Paris Interim 2010French Art from Louis XIV to July 14th - a Paris-based course that examined the shift in French society, art, architecture and two planning that occurred between 1648 and 1848. mid-seventeenth-century threats to monarchical power.

Earthworks in the American Southwest - a course that traveled to significant earthwork sites, burial mounds, and museums in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah.

Earthworks Interim, May 2009

Spiral Jetty, Earthworks Interim, May 2009

Earthworks interim, May 2009

Plein-air painting in Holland, MI

Paris Interim 2010

Paris Interim 2010