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Academics: Studio Art (BFA)

Working with clay on the wheel

Bachelor of fine arts

The bachelor of fine arts (BFA) is a professional degree intended for students who wish to pursue careers in the fine arts.

Admission to the program

Students typically apply for admission to this program during their sophomore year. Entry to the program is based on an evaluation of student portfolios.

Before applying for admission to the program, a student must have completed three college-level studio art courses.

Application forms will be available to students who attend the BFA informational meeting, which is held once each semester, in early October or March.

Program requirements

A student wishing to obtain a BFA degree in studio art must successfully complete 124 semester hours, including three interim courses, the regular liberal arts core requirements, with the exception of a reduced foreign language requirement, equivalent to one year in college, and a prescribed program of concentration.

Complete the following courses to earn a BFA in studio art (63 semester hours):

Semester reviews

At the end of each semester the art faculty will review the progress of each BFA student admitted to the program. The purpose of these reviews is two fold: to encourage students and to assure the successful completion of their program of study.

BFA students will participate in a fifteen minute discussion with the faculty about their work. Students will be asked questions pertaining to presentation, research, technique and concept development to show that they are able to talk about and defend their work as an artist. The art faculty will assess the progress of the student and those who have made insufficient progress may be placed on probation for one semester.

Program probation

If during the following semester the faculty determines that student's progress is inadequate, then the faculty may request the student to discontinue the program. The BFA student will be required at the end of each semester to present ten examples of their recent work in an assigned location. Accompanying each display should be a brief typed statement describing the visual problems and solutions the student has attempted to address; a description of any current art or art history models which have influenced or informed the student's investigation; a list of studio art/art history courses currently enrolled in; and a list of the works including when and for what class the work was done or work done independently of class.

Contact the adivisor

Interested in a BFA in studio art? Contact the BFA program advisor, Adam Wolpa.



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