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Academics: Graphics major

Graphic design class

Bachelor of arts (graphics major)

The graphic design major prepares students interested in working in a commercial or non-profit setting to communicate creatively and effectively through the use of type, layout, design and photography. This major stresses foundational skills in business and design. Internships are particularly encouraged and supported.

Program requirements

  • Art History 239 or 240
  • Art studio 250 Introduction to Drawing
  • Art studio 255 Communication Design
  • Art studio 256 Introduction to Photography
  • Art studio 305 Graphic Design
  • Art studio 306 or Art studio 316
  • Art studio 355 Brand Design
  • Art studio seminar 395*
  • Art studio exhibition 399***
  • BUS 160 Business Foundations
  • BUS 203 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • BUS 360 Management and Organizational Behavior
  • BUS 380 Marketing
  • One course from Art Studio 380, BUS 359, BUS 381**,
    BUS 382**, CAS 285 or CAS 305
  • Required Cognates (3 semester hours) ECON 221*, CS 100

    * also fulfills a core requirement.
    **Requires as a prerequisite MATH 143, which can also be taken to fulfill math core.
    ***Note: Art studio 399 is a place-holder for registrar. All majors in the Department of Art and Art History are required to participate in the senior exhibition in order to graduate.