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Academics: Architecture

Pavilion model

Architecture Minor

(Available only to students enrolled in the program prior to May, 2016. Classes, however, may still be available to all students.)
Architecture is an interdisciplinary minor designed to prepare students for graduate architectural study. The minor consists of courses in architectural design, history, and theory as well as an elective course in either structural engineering or urban studies.

  • Arct 103: Architectural Communication and Concept Design I
  • Arct 203: Architectural Communication and Concept Design II
  • Arct 201: Architectural History I
  • Arct 202: Architectural History II
  • Arct 397: Architectural Theory and Criticism
  • Engr 181: Engineering Graphical Communication
  • One elective chosen from the following: Engr 202, Soc 302, Geog 310 or Geog 351