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Explore academic programs in art and art history

Calvin College's art programs are interwoven with a solid liberal arts curriculum that provides students with a breadth of career choices. Students can explore a variety of fields, including studio art, art education and architecture. The department offers the following degrees:

Bachelor of fine art

The bachelor of fine arts is a profesional degree intended for students who wish to pursue careers in the fine arts. Students typically apply for admission to this program during their sophomore year. Entry and continuation in the program is based on an evaluation of student portfolios.

Bachelor of art (graphic design major)

The graphic design major prepares students interested in working ina commerical or non-profit setting to communicate creatively and effectively through the use of type, layout, design and photography.

Bachelor of art (studio)

The bachelor of arts with a major in studio art offers students a strong foundation in studio art. Students concentrate in one area of studio art, choosing among ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, graphic arts and visual communication.

Bachelor of art education

The bachelor of arts with a major in art education qualifies students for certification by the State of Michigan to teach art in elementary and secondary schools. This degree combines studio art, art history and art education.

Elementary education fine arts group major and minor

Gain certification to teach fine arts in the elementary school setting.

Art history minor

Art history courses are designed for those who wish to understand how visual images are made and why they appear the way they do. The department provides a variety of courses in Western and non-Western art.

Architecture minor

(Available only to students enrolled in the program prior to May, 2016. Classes, however, may still be available to all students.)
Architecture is an interdisciplinary minor designed to prepare students for graduate architectural study. The minor consists of courses in architectural design, history, and theory as well as an elective course in either structural engineering or urban studies.

Minor in studio art or art history