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Art and Art History

Engaging the visual arts to serve society

Today, more than ever, our information and knowledge are communicated visually. Opening our eyes to the power of visual images can help us discover new and insightful ways to share our thoughts and beliefs with others.

Art and art history at Calvin offers numerous programs to help you become someone who creatively and skillfully engages the world through the visual arts.

  • Studio art majors learn the necessary conceptual and technical skills to create, design and dialogue about art in everyday life.
  • Art education students learn to teach art in elementary and secondary classrooms.
  • Art history students research and discuss visual images throughout history in various cultures.
  • Architecture students learn to create designs for structures that serve the needs of their clients in functional and pleasing ways.
  • Graphics students learn to communicate creatively and effectively through the use of type, layout, design and photography.

Professor of Art Emeritus Edgar Boevé talks about creativity and the development of the Department of Art and Art History at Calvin College.

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106 Division GalleryCenter Art Gallery

The Center Art Gallery is located near the west entrance to the Fine Arts Center



News and Events

Jo-Ann VanReeuwyk, recipient of the 2015 Presidential Award for Exemplary Teaching!

2016-2017 Exhibitions in the Center Art Gallery

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