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Sally and Bert de Vries in Jerusalem

Sally and Bert de Vries Scholarship

Help for IDIS 340: Field Work

Archaeology, especially in the Middle East, is a primary research interest of Bert de Vries. During his years of service in the History department at Calvin, he has been instrumental in setting up the Archaeology minor, in leading a number of archaeology field schools for students to Jordan and Palestine and in building partnerships with Middle Eastern schools and governments.

The de Vries family lived in Jordan for a number of years and returns often for extended periods. Sally’s expertise includes the clothing, artistry, and weaving of artisans in the area. She has collaborated on several books that highlight the beauty of their craftsmanship and the traditions that guide their work. The family are also frequent visitors to Guatemala's Mayan sites.




To apply

You must be minoring in Archaeology to apply for this scholarship, because the purpose of the scholarship is to defray the costs of taking IDIS 340 at Calvin, which is the field work requirement. This scholarship can be used for an approved field school anywhere in the world.

Applications should be made through the History department.