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Shaping Our Future by Understanding Our Past

Archaeology at Calvin

The interdisciplinary archaeology minor may be taken with any major and is designed to give you enough familiarity, theory, and practice of archaeology around the world to either qualify you for specialized graduate school programs or to be ready for a life of amateur enjoyment of the field.


The flexible archaeology minor program enables you to tailor your program with your advisor to match your interests and vocational goals. The minor requires two interdisciplinary courses, one geology course, and three electives including one archaeology-related interim course.

Field work

The archaeology program offers a number of opportunities for you to get your hands dirty, from interim trips to international archaeological sites to on-campus lab work and research. These opportunities are available in a variety of areas through the archaeology minor committee.


The Sally and Bert de Vries scholarship is awarded to help cover the costs of the required interim field work course.

Careers in archaeology

Archaeology is a vast international, multidimensional, and multidisciplinary field with careers ranging from museum work to field excavations to video production to forensics. Find out what our alumni are doing now:

Offered Interim 2016: IDIS 240 Introduction to Archaeology

IDIS 240 Introduction to Archaeology will be offered on-campus in January 2016. This course is required for the archaeology minor and a pre-requisite for IDIS 380 (fieldwork). The course is offered biennially, and will not be offered again until 2018. Students wishing to minor in archaeology are encouraged to take IDIS 240 this January. Questions? Email Professor Bert de Vries.