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George Monsma Jr.

George Monsma

George Monsma Jr. is a graduate of Calvin College (Bachelors degree) and Princeton University (Masters and PhD in economics).  He has taught economics at Princeton University and Amherst College, and from 1969 to 2006 at Calvin College, where he is now Professor of Economics, Emeritus.  From 1988-91, while on leave from Calvin, he served with the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee as a Consultant for the Development Bureau of the Association of Evangelical Protestant Churches and Missions of Mali, West Africa.  His publications have dealt primarily with the relationship of Christianity to economic theory and the evaluation of economic conditions and policies from a Christian point of view.  He has presented papers at conferences in several African and European countries, as well as in North America.  He has served as a visiting professor at the Russian American Christian University, and at Daystar University in Kenya.  From 2001-2006 he was Chairman of the Board of the International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education.  He has been an elder and chair of his church’s Council, and an officer and board member of several local not-for-profit organizations.